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Try-umph Goal Setting - Assembly

No description

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Try-umph Goal Setting - Assembly

GO!!! GET SET!! ON YOUR MARKS! A NEW START LINE… (That I don’t already have) What I’ll need… Perform like an Olympian with… I will give evidence of actions I am taking and things I am achieving by… Measuring Progress What:




How: My First Steps… My Goal is… Goals are things more under your control that you can set and achieve therefore making dreams more likely to come true… You can’t score
without a Goal! My dream is… A dream is a wish that is not fully under your control. But don’t let that stop you. Dream big…! Dare to Dream! Things I enjoyed at school and was quite good at Brainstorming - Copyright © 2012 Rebecca Lyne with Ballet Times tables Football Running Roller-skating Hair-dressing Hand-writing Cooking To be a professional athlete and run in the Olympics To be in the A-team and finish in the top 10 in the Sheffield Primary School Cross-Country races Cross-country practice and races every
other weekend Monday, Wednesday, Thursday lunchtime and
Saturday mornings School playground, race venues Satisfaction of running well and facing fears. Help the team do well. Joining the school team, going to practice, getting lifts from parents to races. Running clothes - shorts, tracksuit, hat, gloves etc Running trainers and spikes The position I finish in races

My speed around the course in
training FINISHING LINE! Went to Tapton. No Cross country team. Joined Hallamshire Harriers. Goals: Run for Sheffield. Qualify for Yorkshire Championships Also did loads of other sports e.g. football, basketball, rounders, hockey, ballet, trampolining, scouts... 18th
2nd in B team
Cried!! End of season:
1st team in League, City Champs and Relays.
Highest finishing position = 2nd Club Sheffield,
South Yorkshire England, Great Britain University Senior Level Professional athlete!! Loughborough,
UK Butler,
America The grass is always greener... (Y8) (Y8, Y9) (Y10) (Y13) Manchester
Commonwealth Games
(2002) European U23 Championships (But I didn't like to tell anyone in case I got teased e.g. by my brothers!) Britain's Female
Athlete of the Year BBC Yorkshire
Sports Awards:
Best Performance. Sheffield! Kent ? Try-umph! Try umph! in Life! Australia Sweden France Kenya First Race (2000-05) (2003) (2006)
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