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A Brief History of Death Grips and Their Memes

No description

Elijah Morgan

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of A Brief History of Death Grips and Their Memes

A Brief History of Death Grips and Their Memes
Who are they?
Ride Pre Grips
Visual Artist
Dropped out of Hampton University
In rap group Fyre under name MxlPlx with Swank and Young G
Worked in pizza restaurant prior to DG formation
Zach Pre Grips
Hella, Face Tat, Bygones (With Nick Reinhart)
Andy Pre Grips
Sound engineer and producer
Worked in Sacramento music scene
Very little known about him
Worked with Zach on Face Tat and Stefan on unknown project
One quote in entire DG history "And you get to play loud."
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Experimental hip hop trio
Formed 12/21/2010
Zach Hill (drums), Stefan Burnett (vocals/lyrics), Andy Morin (production/PR)
Formation/Death Grips EP
Band forms 12/21/2010
Releases self titled EP on 3/8/2011
Most straightforward rap elements
Heavy sampling and clean vocal delivery
Violent, braggadocios lyrics
from Face Melter
Released on 4/25/2011 through band's website
First commercial success
Small tours, gains attention of record labels
Straightforward rapping, more electronic/experimental beats
Darker lyrics, heavy masculinity, drugs, very violent, sexual themes
Only feature in band history - Mexican Girl AKA Liz Liles
First memes appear: "It goes", "Oh shit, I'm feeling it"
from Takyon
from I Want It I Need It
The Money Store
Band announces deal with Epic Records on 2/27/2012
First conventional release
Album releases 4/21/2012
Vocal shift, fewer big samples, more electronic instrumentals
Lyrics become more esoteric, character driven, continued violent and digital themes from ExMilitary
Commercially/critically acclaimed
Memes continue (Noided, teaching bitches how to swim)
Songs used commercially
from I've Seen Footage
cracked, Unmastered $tore
"be prepared"
mailing list, art, pixels
download file
$tore stems, ARG goes dead
Starts on /mu/
Released for free on thirdworlds
Dropped from label
Big vocal difference, more empty beats, less sampling, electronic drums
Very vulgar, abstract lyrics
Power themes, sadomasochism, suicide
Band makes full transition to internet entity
Opens own label "Thirdworlds"
Memes continue, "my stone wall", penis over album art
from World of Dogs
Government Plates
5/10/2013 Sickest Fuck of them All announced
Government Plates 11/13/2013
Released on megaupload, torrent sites
13 months, 13 days, 13 hours after NLDW
Visual album
Minimalistic vocals, heavy electronics, near zero acoustic drums, vocal distortion, visual album
Continued move towards esoteric lyrics
2nd feature ever on song Birds
"Gets so fuckin' dark in here"
Break Up
1/19/2014 band announces new tour/record
6/8/2014 The Powers That B announced/ NOTM released
7/2/2014 band announces breakup over Facebook
Cancels all shows
Inactive, still selling merchandise, keeps website up
8/9/2014 BBPoltergeist goes active
Lyrics from Anne Bonny
Niggas On The Moon
6/8/2014 NOTM released on Third Worlds
Entirely played on synth and VDrums
Bjork vocal samples heavily used
Most cryptic lyrics of any album
Disjointed verses, subdued vocal delivery
Music videos
"Have a sad cum", "John and Shelly"
Lyrics from Black Quarterback
Fashion Week
Long period of inactivity
1/3/2015 Fashion Week releases unannounced
Previously released on Reddit and /mu/
Released as a "movie soundtrack"
No vocals, brings back acoustic/electronic combo
Songs become used commercially
Features Sua Yoo on cover, creator of TM$ cover art
Psychedelic influences, electric guitar
The Powers That B/Jenny Death
2/13/2015 Band releases video practicing new songs
3/6/2015 BBPoltergeist announces Jenny Death release date
3/10/2015 Jenny Death snippets leak
3/17/2015 Album leaks 3/19/2015 Official Release
Heavy guitar use, punk rock influenced, callback to ExMil
Very person lyrics
Cleaner vocal delivery, themes of suicide, depression, vulnerability, paranoia, exasperation with fans
Callbacks to old songs (PSS PSS/Fuck Me, On GP
"Its been a pleasure", "PISS PISS", "MY FAVORITE COLOR IS"
The I.L.Y.s
6/4/2015 Ive Always Been Good at True Love released on Death Grips' Facebook and Third Worlds
Fuzz rock album, NOT Death Grips
Zach on drums, production, guitar, vocals, keyboard
Andy on guitar, bass, engineering
Punk vocals, themes of egoist love as a means to an end, incredibly straightforward lyrics
Possible Ride vocals
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