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Aftermath of the French Revolution

No description

Marci Ward

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Aftermath of the French Revolution

Napoleon and the Latin American Revolutions
Aftermath of the French Revolution
Rise of Napoleon
Young French general --> emperor of France after coup d'etat (takeover) in 1799

Napoleonic code: laws based on reforms of the Revo. (religious freedom and equality of citizens)

Conquests: most of Europe, and some of New World
Fall of Napoleon
Reasons for decline:
- Failure to invade GB and Russia
- Loss of Haiti and LA purchase

Impact of Napoleon:
- Napoleonic Code (ended feudalism, religious toleration)
- Spread ideas of Fr. Revo. throughout Europe
- Sparked Latin Am. revolutions
- Incr. in anti-French sentiment and nationalism (pride in one's heritage)
Congress of Vienna
Who: Euro. leaders, led by Metternich from Austria

Goal: restore order and monarchs after Napoleon, weaken Fr.

Outcome: redrew lines of Euro., created Concert of Nations (alliance to help with revolts)

Balance of Power: no country can get too powerful
Latin American Independence
Complaints of colonists: no political power or free trade w/ other nations

Inspiration: Enlightenment ideas (natural rights, popular sov.), & success of Amer. and Fr. Revos.
Toussaint L'Ouverture: led successful slave uprising in Haiti, forced French out of Haiti
William Wilberforce
What did he do?
Fought to abolish slavery in BR (France and Spain followed)

Inspired by:
Christian values and Enlightenment/Revo. ideas
Simon Bolivar: "The Liberator", led revos. in Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru
Miguel Hidalgo: priest who led failed uprising in Mexico, but inspired others to keep fighting for ind.
Monroe Doctrine: US warned Euro. to stay out of Latin America
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