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A presentation of the Solar System and its planets!

Tyler Dye

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of OUR EIGHT PLANETS! (and Pluto.)

Our Eight Planets! (and Pluto) We figured the planets were debris of the Sun's formation as far back as the 1600s-1700s French mathematician Pierre-Simon figured that the planets were formed from rotating cosmic dust and debris called a nebula, preposing a nebula is a baby star system. A warm center forms and gravitational pull surrounds it and plantesmials (large asteroids) start to collide which make up the early stages of a planet. The inner planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars had an interior that attracted more denser, heavier material such as nikel and lighter elements such as gas was boiled away. These planets have a surface like Earth today. The Outer Planets were formed in colder regions which were balls of gas. They were first ice balls, but then the hot core melted the ice into layers of liquid and gas. And we will remember Pluto when it was a planet. :( Pluto is a cold lump of frozen gasses and rock that is similar to things that orbit in Pluto. Earth was believed to be the center of the Solar System until Copernicus discovered that it was the Sun everything revolved around.
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