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FASS CV Workshop12/13

Professional CV - generic

Victoria Jackson

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of FASS CV Workshop12/13

FASS CV Workshop
Victoria Jackson
Employability Consultant Practitioner

1) What is a CV?
2) What's in and what's out?
3) Working on your CV
Session Objectives
FAB Formula
Remember to put things in the correct order, in right format!
Don’t use dodgy sounding email addresses like xxtorxx@hotmail.com unless you want to break into the adult movie market
It’s ok to have gaps – just be ready to explain them
Make sure you use real examples if you’re going to include hobbies
References: available upon request (you should have 2 referees and they shouldn’t be family members)
CV sum up
Who are you professionally speaking…?
How much experience do you have?
Have you worked for any known firms?
What are you looking for?
- No more than 3-4 lines!
Personal Profile
Name & Contact Information

a) 1 page
b) 1 - 2 pages
c) 1 or 2 pages
d) 2 pages
e) 2 - 3 pages
f) 3 pages or more if necessary
Answer: a or c

Why not b)?
It could look like you’ve run out of things to say if you stop half way down a page.
How long should it be?
Course, Institution, Location, Dates
Modules (if relevant)
Chronologically – most recent first!
Grades (latest / if relevant)
Relevant projects
Media & Cultural Studies BA (Hons), Kingston University, London, 2010 – 2013

Kingston High School, London 2005 – 2010
A Level’s in English, Geography and Media Studies
9 GCSE’s at A-C Grades including Maths & English
Sales Assistant, Tesco, New Malden, November 2010 - Present
Job title, Company, Location, Dates
Professional Experience

a) Helvetica
b) Arial
c) Times New Roman
d) Verdana
What fonts?
Time Management
I setup and ran the university film society
I like going to the cinema
Tell the truth! – what you really like doing

Hobbies that show employability skills
Hobbies & Interests
Who you are and the amount of experience you’ve had
What you want to do
Named company
Personal Profile
3 Lines at the top of the page!
Address (all on one line)
Telephone/ Email

- repeat in the footer
I am final year Media & Cultural Studies student with 3 months TV production experience, gained during a summer internship with ITV. A confident communicator with excellent teamwork and problem solving skills. I now wish to build on this experience within a Production Assistant position at Sky.
what did you do?
how much did you do it?
what was the result for your employer? And the achievement for you?
List any curricular and extracurricular accomplishments which demonstrate your initiative and career motivations.
Include your relevant IT & Technical skills
Any! These are universal fonts.
Email Etiquette
What's in & What's Out ?
Get on the Careers & Employability recruitment database!

Get your CV checked at a drop-in session:
Wednesdays, 1-3pm in the PR LRC
Thursdays, 2-4pm 11-1pm in the PR LRC
Or email: v.jackson@kingston.ac.uk

Check the FASS Facebook page & my Twitter feed for information about our events and career opportunities
I ain’t herd from u so i’m sending my cv 4 you 2 check innit. Thanx
Dear Victoria,
I wanted to follow up on our recent conversation regarding my CV and wondered whether you wouldn’t mind having a quick look at it for me please?
Many thanks,
Bobby Smith
Stand out from the crowd by using positive language!
I work well in team situations
I am an excellent team player
I have to manage 3 people
I successfully managed 3 members of staff
Responsible for...
Tasked with...
Succeeded in...
Proven track record...
FAB Formula
•As a Sales Assistant for Tesco I am responsible for providing excellent customer service to and every shopper.

On a typical shift I direct customers to the right areas of the store, offer advice, and check stock levels

I have also been involved in coordinating special promotions

and making sure display stands are well stocked and attractive to customers
As a result sales from display stands have risen by 5% over the last three months

•Through this experience I learned a great a great deal about the retail sector and developed good communication, problem-solving and organisational skills.
What you do
How you do it / how much of it you do
The result for the employer
What did you achieve / learn
10 or 11 for the main body of the text
11 or 12 for headings
What size?
Driving License
Hobbies & Interests
DOB, Gender, Sexual Preferences, Race
Political & Religious Affiliations
Marital status
Dodgy email addresses
Contact Information
Personal Profile
Education & Qualifications
Professional Experience (not work experience)
IT & Technical Skills
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