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Texas and its early people

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Laura Flanagan

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Texas and its early people

We hope you liked our presentation and hope you learned a lot.

By : Gigi and Mia
The Land
Early people
When the ice age animals climate began to change, the lifestyles of people living in Texas evolved. People began making a larger range of stone tools, using bows and arrows for hunting, creating pottery for food storage and making things that you could trade
Fun facts
*1 A hunting and gathering society is a group of people living together. The men are always the hunters because they don’t have to stay near home and take care of the new-born babies or the children.
*2 The gatherers collect nuts, berries and flowers for décor and eating. In that case the women wouldn’t be strong enough to take down a large animal like a buffalo, because they are home all day taking care of little kids and picking up light objects while the men are used to the wilderness and fighting. So they are better to hunt not collect berries and nuts.
Texas and its Early People
The Early People of Texas
The land
European explorers found when they arrived in the 1500s. Along the coast, early explorers encountered groups including the Karankawa and Akokisa.The Caddo are credited for giving Texas its name. It’s said that when a group of Caddos encountered Spanish settlers, they met the settlers with a greeting of “Tay-yas,. The state’s name is from the Caddo greeting, as the state’s motto is “friendship.”
Texas can be divided into four different regions: the Gulf Coastal Plains, the Interior Lowlands, the Great Plains and the Basin and Range Province. Fossils of marine life can be found far from today's coastline it is offering evidence what was once a shallow sea that covered most of the land that is now called Texas.
The region's first people found there way home more than 13,000 years ago, and perhaps some came earlier. The earliest Texans lived as hunters gathers, they were sharing the landscape with ice age animals including mammoths, giant sloths, cave lions, and dire wolves. Now some schools believe the story of humans here is even going back to 15,000 years or more.
Oil is a big part of Texas history.It tells a story of the state’s history from millions of years ago. You can see evidence of the state’s distant past in dinosaur footprints like those found near Glen Rose, Texas.
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