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No description

Nick Merklin

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Camino

The Way of St. James
Camino de Santiago
Pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the Galicia region of Northwest Spain
Cathedral houses the remains of Saint James the Apostle
One of the most important Christian pilgrimage routes during medieval time
Day 1: St. Jean Pied de Port, France
Day 16
Cruz de Ferro
Day 20
St. James was killed in Jerusalem in 44 AD for his strong Christian faith. As the story goes, his body was sent by boat to the Galicia region of Spain. Once close to shore, his casket opened and his remains were lost. Days later, his body was recovered and covered in scallop shells.
The Way can be completed
by foot, bike, or horse.

192,400 people completed the journey in 2012!

Most common route is the Camino Frances.
Whats in a bag?
Size: ~20L
3 pairs of shorts
3 shirts
3 pairs of socks
Boots & Sandals
Fleece & Rain gear
Camera & Journal
Scallop Shell
AM: Cafe (coffee)
Bread & Jam
Mid-Day: Bocadillo (sandwich), usually "chorizo y queso"
PM: Pilgrims meal
Day 10
Burgos, Spain
Day 14
Sahagun, Spain
Virginia Crew
Cathedral de Santa Maria; construction
began in 1225
Euro Cup Craziness
Highest point along the Camino
First thing I placed in backpack...a shell from VB
Child pilgrims
on Day 23
Day 23
Sarria, Spain
Us with Anna (Sweden), Tyler & Lauren (Michigan)
Jan walked from his home in Holland!
Fresh octopus for lunch in
Portomarin, Spain
Free coffee and snacks
Day 27
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Our day 27 walking crew...
Seattle, Santa Cruz, Hungary, Norway, Japan
Cathedral of
Santiago de
Day 30
Finisterre, Spain
0.00 km left
"End of the earth"...there is no more land left to walk. NW coast of Spain.
Day 7
Najera, Spain
Early morning walks were the norm
Journal writing along the river with James, an animator from England
Burgos Cathedral; construction began in 1221
Leon, Spain
879.9 km/546.6 miles
212 hrs, 49 mins

Buen Camino!!
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