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FCCLA Planning Process: A Better You

No description

Eman Ghoneim

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of FCCLA Planning Process: A Better You

Top Concern/Goal SMART
Goal Progress Progress Results Actions Taken to Achieve Goal One action that I did that I achieved safely; is that I used my schools agenda for two weeks. I used my agenda everyday I had homework, and only when I did have homework.

A second action that I did that I achieved safely was that in the beginning of December, I switched from using my school agenda, to using a notepad. My top concern is: to become better organized in keeping myself together and to have time management. FCCLA Planning Process: A Better You I first began recording things on November 12th. I started off writing only the homework and projects I needed to do. But as the weeks went by, I realized that using an agenda doesn't help me focus on my work, b/c sometimes I would write a lot,but other times I didn't. So I came up with another idea. I decided that instead of using my agenda, I would use a notepad. Everyday starting from December 8th, to the 17th. When I came home from school, I checked my grades and recorded where I needed extra credit. I wrote down what homework I had and if I had any tests, Eman Ghoneim GOAL: I plan to write down my homework in my agenda everyday so I can keep track of what I need to do, because in high school, it is important to have your things organized. Specific: My goal is specific because by December 18th, i want to be organized in my time and more focused on school. I think that if I take the time to write down my homework and review what i am doing, I will concentrate better. Measurable: I will know when I have met my goal when I have evidence that I wrote down my homework and things I needed to do. I will be able to check my agenda before and after to see if there is a difference. ActionOrientated: To reach my goal, I need to use my school agenda everyday, so I don't lose track of my stuff. Realistic: This is a realistic goal, because if it becomes a routine everyday; then it will help me get better in my academic life. Time: I want to compete this goal during one month, starting from November 12th, to December 17th, because my deadline is December 18th. A third action that I achieved safely,is that using the notepad reminded me to do all the things I wanted to do but kept on forgetting. Instead of using it only for homework, I used it for my everyday activities.

A fourth action that I achieved safely, is that I learned to check all of my grades everyday, check all my homework everyday, and if i have a missing assignment to get it done as soon as possible. Before and After the A Better You Project Before After
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