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The Odyssey Map

Tells about Odysseus journey to get back to Ithaca

Zariah Sargent

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of The Odyssey Map

Odysseus Journey Map Key Troy Island of Cicones Island of the Lotus Eaters Island of the Cyclopes Aeoli Island Island of the Laestragonians Aeaean Island The Underworld Island of the Sirens Scylla and Charybdis Trinacian Island Ogygia Island of the Phaecians Ithaca Odysseus begins his adventure at Troy. For ten years straight he went to go command in the Trojan War. The Greeks won the war with Odysseus brilliant idea of the Trojan horse. After the victory Odysseus demanded 12 ships to get back home. After leaving Troy, Odysseus landed on the Island of the Cicones, city of Ismarus. Odysseus and his men raided the island for supplies. He urged his men to take what was needed and leave quickly, but they did not listen; their greed kept them on the island. This gave the Cicones a chance to attack Odysseus's men while they were busy enjoying themselves in a drunken stupor. Odysseus's lost 72 men six from each ship. After they left the Island of the Cicones, Odysseus landed on the Island of the Lotus Eaters. Odysseus sent in two men to scout out the area, but when they didn’t come back he went to go look for them. He found the two men hopelessly addicted to eating the lotus plant, which is a plant that forces the eater to lose all grip on reality, Odysseus tied the two men up and forced them into the ship against their will and sails away. Island of the Cyclopes Odysseus third stop is the Island of the Cyclopes. Odysseus and his men go to explore a large cave inside it they find an abundant supply of cheese and wine. Despite his men's constant pleading, Odysseus decides to stay in the cave, and wait for its owner to return. They found the owner to be a Cyclops named Polyphemus, and he wasn’t very happy about them intruding. Polyphemus shut the cave with a large rock, trapping Odysseus and the crew inside. He eats two of Odysseus's men, and Odysseus becomes worried. Odysseus formulates a very cunning plan. He tells the Polyphemus his name is Nobody, intoxicates him, and then blinds him while he is sleeping. Polyphemus shouts, "Nobody blinded me!" so no one comes to his rescue. And Odysseus and his men escape from the cave by hiding under Polyphemus' sheep. Odysseus next lands on the Aeoli Island, home of Aeolus, god of the winds. Odysseus stays here for a whole month. Aeolus bottles up all of the bad winds to make his journey home safe, and gives Odysseus the bag filled with them. The Island of Aeolus The Island of Aeolus 2 With Ithaca in sight, Odysseus' men become greedy and decide to open the bag while he is sleeping. This causes the winds to blow them back to Aeolia. Odysseus pleads for him to bag up the winds again, but Aeolus sends them on their way because he fears their journey is cursed by the gods. Island of Laestragonians Odysseus then lands on the Island of Laestragonians. The twelve ships came to a harbor with large cliffs. All the ships but Odysseus’s entered the harbor. Three scouts went out to search the land. They came upon a kind giantess, who led them to her father’s house, the king of the land. The king ate one of the men, and the other two escaped. The giants began to hurl rocks at the ships. All eleven ships in the harbor were sunk, and only Odysseus’s ship escaped. The men on the other eleven ships were speared by the giants and taken back to their village to be eaten. Aeaean Island Aeaean Island After the run-in with the Laestragonians, Odysseus lands on Aeaean Island, home to the sorceress Circe. Odysseus sends some of his men to scout out the area. They find Circe’s house and they go in to feast, but Eurylochus. When they did not return in good time, Eurylochus returned to the ship for help. So Odysseus himself sets off to see what happened to them. On the way, he is stopped by Hermes. Hermes tells him that Circe is up ahead and gives him an herb called Moly, which protects him from Circe’s spells. When he arrived at the house, Odysseus ate the food, but he did not change into a pig. He drew his sword and forced the sorceress to take an oath to do no harm to his crew. She changed them back to humans and they stayed with her and her nymphs for a year. When at last they decided to go, Circe told them to go to the Underworld to seek the soul of Teirisias to get advice on how to return home. Aeaean Island 2 The ship returned to Circe’s island to bury their shipmate. Circe warned them about Sirens and about the wandering rocks that could shipwreck them. She again reminded them not to harm the herds of Helius. The Underworld Odysseus’ ship came to the intersections of the rivers of Acheron, Periphlegthon, and Cocytas. He and his crew dug a pit in honor of Hades and Persephone. He poured a number of items into the pit, and several ghosts appeared. The ghosts included his mother, Achilles, Agamemnon, Ajax, and a fellow shipmate. The shipmate asked Odysseus to go back and bury him and he agreed. Odysseus spoke with the soul of Teirisias, who said that all the crew would return to Ithaca as long as they did not touch the immortal herds tended by the two daughters of Helius. If any animal were harmed, only Odysseus would return to Ithaca. He also warned Odysseus about the suitors for Penelope. The ghost of Agamemnon appeared and told Odysseus of how he was murdered on his return home. He warned Odysseus and suggested to Odysseus to disguise himself and determine the situation at his home first so he wouldn’t fall into the same trap he did. Island of the Sirens After a brief stop at Aeaean Island, Odysseus's men go pass the Sirens. The Sirens sing a song that no man can resist to. Circe gave Odysseus bee's wax to stop the sound, but advised that Odysseus hear it while tied to the mast. Odysseus gives his men the wax and has them tie him up to the mast. The condition he sets is this: if they see him struggle, tie him up tighter. Odysseus hears their irresistible song and struggles against the ropes, but his loyal men tie him tighter. Finally they're out of range, and Odysseus commands them to remove the wax from their ears. Scylla and Charybdis After the Sirens, Odysseus sails on to Scylla. Odysseus chooses to sail for Scylla, a six-headed sea serpent, rather than Charybdis, a giant whirlpool. He did this because he knew that if he went to Charybdis, the whole ship would be destroyed. However, if he went towards Scylla, six men would die. As instructed, Odysseus sails towards the cave. His men are terrified, but they sail on. Scylla strikes and devours six of Odysseus's men as all six dangle from its mouth cursing Odysseus. Luckily, the remaining men are safe and they sail on. Scylla and Charybdis Scylla and Charybdis 2 Odysseus was left floating on his own ship's wreckage. He floated aimlessly for a very long time, until he finally came back to Scylla and Charybdis. Odysseus was able to avoid both perils, with the help of Zeus and his quick thinking. Zeus saved Odysseus from Scylla by hiding him from Scylla's view. Odysseus saved himself from Charybdis by grabbing hold of a fig tree and waiting for his ship's wreckage to resurface. Odysseus's next stop is Thrinacia, the island of the sun god's cattle. He reminded the crew that no animals on the island were to be harmed because these were the herds of the daughter of Helius. The ship stayed on the island for a month because the winds continued to blow to the south. A storm is raging on, and they are imprisoned on the island with no food. Odysseus goes out to pray for the rain to stop, and he passes out. Meanwhile, Eurylochus, the first mate, ordered the crew to kill some of the cattle for food. Odysseus was horrified when he awoke and saw what they had done. Helios demanded for Odysseus and his men to be punished. Zeus does so by destroying Odysseus's ship and killing his men. Odysseus is left alive because Zeus knew that he was not responsible. Ogygia Odysseus continued to float after his encounter with Scylla and Charybdis. He eventually ended up on the island of Ogygia, home of Calypso. Calypso is a nymph and a temptress. She tried to seduce Odysseus. Calypso detained him there for seven years and offered him immortality if he would remain, but Odysseus wanted to go home too badly to stay. Athena took Odysseus’s case before Zeus. She pleaded for him to be released from the island while Poseidon was away from Mount Olympus. Zeus agreed and sent Hermes with a message for Calypso to release Odysseus. Calypso unhappily accepted Zeus’ mandate and gave wood to Odysseus so that he could build a raft and return home. Island of the Phaecians Poseidon was furious at Zeus for helping Odysseus, he sent a terrible storm to destroy Odysseus’s raft. Odysseus was saved by the sea goddess Leucotha. She gave him her veil that kept him floating until he reached the shores of Phoenicia. He was helped to the palace, and King Alcinous heard his story over a festival dinner. Alcinous wanted to be a part of his great journey, so he gave Odysseus ships and a safe passage home. He was finally returning back home to Ithaca. Odysseus finally made it back to his home. Athena disguised him as a beggar so he can remain hidden while he analyzes the loyalty of his friends and family. He confronts his son, Telemachus, and reveals his identity to him. Odysseus comes up with a plan to fight the suitors, but Telemachus disagrees for he thinks they are outnumbered. Odysseus persuades him by saying Athena and Zeus are on their side. Odysseus, still disguised as a beggar, ventured into his own house. He was greeted with scorn by the rambunctious suitors. Antinous, the ringleader of the suitors even threw a stool at Odysseus. His wounds were treated, but Euryclia found out his identity. Odysseus kept her quiet so his cover would not be blown. He proceeded on his mission. He had Telemachus hide the armor and weapons so that the suitors could not use them. Penelope laid down a challenge to the suitors. Any one of them who can string Odysseus's bow and shoot it through the axe-handles like Odysseus used to do would be her choice. None of them could do it, that is, until the beggar got a chance. He was ridiculed as he tried, but Odysseus shot the arrow perfectly. Athena then changed his appearance to his previous one. The suitors were awestruck. It was then that Odysseus and Telemachus began their attack. With the help of Athena and Zeus, they slaughtered all of the suitors and hung the female mistresses. When Odysseus presented himself to Penelope, she did not believe it was him. She ordered their bed to be taken out of the bedroom. Odysseus constructed one of the bedposts to be attached to a live olive tree still rooted in the ground. Odysseus was outraged, believing that someone had cut apart the post from the tree. At that moment, Penelope knew it was her husband who had finally returned from his long journey. The Odyssey Map
Rubric: Creative Map Project 9 Pre-Diploma
I. Odysseus’ journeys are in chronological order: ________ out of 30 points.
II. Every adventure on Odysseus’ journey is represented on the map: _______ out of 20 points.
III. The summaries of events that occur are correct, this includes the characters, conflicts, and how they are resolved: _______ out of 15 points.
IV. Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Spelling are correct: _______ out of 15 points.
V. The project is neat and easy to read: ________ out of 10 points.
VI. The pictures/symbols of each character Odysseus encounters on his journey are an appropriate representation: ________ out of 5 points.
VII. There is a legend/key on the map: _____ out of 5 points.
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