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Amazon Mechanical Turk: Getting started

What is it, how can I use it, what's the value, how to get started

Daniel Gray

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Amazon Mechanical Turk: Getting started

Turk Workforce Scalability Human Intelligence What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?
How can I use it?
What value can it help drive for my business?
How do I get started... Mechanical Turk is a marketplace to get work done.
Shift human-intensive, routine tasks from permanent/temporary/outsourcing staff to a global, scalable, on-demand Workforce. * Process data that technology cannot process alone...by combining the needed intelligence or human power + algorithmic compute power. * As Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides access to scalable computing power, Mechanical Turk provides access to scalable human power / intelligence. Scale in-line with workload, paying for what you use. * Achieve fast, accurate results without long term contracts or minimum commitments, helping to turn fixed costs into variable. Enterprises use Mechanical Turk for 2 primary use cases:
1. Data Training (i.e. quickly develop large sets of training data to help train your algorithms)

2. Data Collection (i.e. categorization, moderation, transcription, tagging/annotation, cleansing/deduping, validation, digitization, augmentation, research, survey, content authoring, translation, sentiment analysis, more). Enterprises are already shifting
human-intensive tasks to Mechanical Turk
at an unparalleled rate. Use case examples One step Innovate Getting Started... (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Contact me to get started, and learn about Engagement & Connectivity options, Workshop support, Best Practices, and more!
Daniel J. Gray | Principal
Amazon Mechanical Turk
206.740.1146 (Office)
310.800.4832 (Mobile)
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