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Canada Goose

No description

Brian Didsbury

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of Canada Goose

Canada Goose Remarkable Marketing
Marketing Intro
Brand Ambassador
Buzz Marketing

Revenue 2005: $12,957,962 CAD
2010: $50,570,290 CAD

Employees 2005: 95
Employees 2010: 268

Growth 2005-10 (%): 290

Exports as % of Sales: 53
Growth of Canada Goose
Fashion Shows and Sportsman Shows
Canada Goose Taxi

Toronto based company founded over 60 years ago
Products provide protection from extreme cold weather
Iconic brand of high-end fashion winter jackets and other apparel
Canada Goose
“I’ve been told that when you wear a Canada Goose, you feel like you’re part of a club.”

— Dani Reiss, grandson of company founder Sam Tick
Ethical Position

Company is committed to environmental preservation and humane treatment of animals
All information is made easily available to consumers -- they do not hide their practices
do not participate in live - plucking
Fur and down come from specific sources that match company's ethical values -- no products are farmed

Trademark premium down and fur trimmed hoods

Superior quality control
Adventure Tours
Finland Winter Activity Week and Reindeer Safari
Quest for the Antarctic Circle
Yukon Winter Activity Week
Why Goose Down?

Best for insulation (triple the warmth of synthetic materials)
Very lightweight
This is why Canadians are made fun of. Canada Goose is ridiculous. People around the world are wondering where our igloos and dogsleds are and now we go pay 900 bucks for something that makes us look like eskimos? Zero peripheral vision (which is especially dangerous with montreal drivers), insanely overpriced and no one is recognizable anymore. Please Canadians, if you're just going to be slaves to this retarded hype, then go back to buying shit from third world countries.
Why Coyote Fur?

Best for warmth
Supports threatened northern communities
Where is the company going?
CEO Dani Reiss states, "our marketing strategy has always been very much a guerrilla strategy and one of direct communication to our consumers." This is done through their Facebook page, their Twitter profile and their own newsletter.
Company will always be successful with traditional consumers (Arctic/cold weather expeditions, law enforcement and film crews)
Plans to stick to heritage but will begin to market to fashion conscious individuals and general public
Recognizes the powerful forces of social media, celebrity endorsements and word-of-mouth advertising
Strategy will be to blend sense of adventure with sense of fashion
Enormous potential in the barely tapped ordinary consumer market
"Emma Watson’s people have called
the Toronto-based maker of
heavy-duty, goose-down filled parkas
with an urgent request. The 19-year-old British actress (who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies) has been coveting one of the company’s distinctively Canadian jackets."
The Day After Tomorrow
Eight Below
National Treasure
Good Luck Chuck
Lance Mackey
“Toughest Athlete Alive"
All departures have a focus on learning through experience.
As if the experience isn't enough, every participant will be given
a specially designed Canada Goose parka to keep them warm
throughout their unique adventure and they are able to take them home as a keepsake.
Consumer vs. Industrial/Tactical Market
No print ads, TV ads, or billboards
Market Segmentation
Brian Didsbury
Fake Jackets
"All Canada Goose products are field tested by those who live, work and play in the environments they emerged from. From the Constable Parka developed with insights from law enforcement agencies to the Expedition Parka worn by almost every scientist at the South Pole, it is safe to say that Canada Goose is truly a product of its environment."
The Brand Ambassador is meant to embody the corporate image in appearance, demeanor, values, and ethics.
Social Media Publicity
Coat Check-In
CG Magazine
Company History
Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick
Became "Canada Goose" in 2000
Dani Reiss now CEO
Reiss named CEO Of The Year in 2011
"tell me it can't be done,... I'll give it everything I’ve got to prove that it can. Can't is a word that I do not want to understand. I always try to do my very best, I may not always finish number one, but it will always be the best I can do"
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