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Computer Industry

ADMN Presentation

Matthew Pratte

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Computer Industry

Computer Hardware Industry Eric Coppola
Mike Meserve
Matthew Pratte Hewlett Packard Background Timeline
Founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard
graduate Stanford and decide to open
a business 1930's 1939 1950's 1960's 1980's 1980's 1990's 2002 HP Officially founded on
January 1, 1939 Rented and worked out
of a shed in a backyard HP goes public in 1957 for $16/share HP enters the global
market in 1959 The first HP computer was
created in 1966 First personal computer designed
and produced in 1980 Debut of first inkjet printer
introduced by HP The laptop is introduced in 1993 HP merges with Compaq to
create an $85 billion IT company. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Brand Recognition (70+ years) Size Computer hardware market in high demand Diverse product line (Not entirely dependent on computer sales) Risk averse Customer Service Hardened to change Greater community involvement Investments in marketing Economic slow down Inefficient supply chain Visionary competitors Accounting Procedures Revenue Recognition Recognize when evidence of a sales agreement exists, delivery has occured, or services rendered. Collectibility reasonably assured Depreciation Inventory Valued at the lower of cost or market Cost computed by FIFO Computed using straight-line or accelerated methods
over the estimated useful life. *5-40 years (buildings)
*3-15 years (machinery/equipment) Research and Development Cost incurred can be capitalized after software
product reaches technological feasibility. DELL Background Timeline Founded by Michael Dell with the concept of bypassing the middleman and selling computers directly to consumers

Dell builds its first computer

Dell goes public and raises 30 million with its IPO

Dell introduces its first
notebook computer
Dell is number one
in global market share
Dell announces retail partnerships with Wal-Mart and Staples 1985 1984 1988 1989 2001 2007 A Little More About Dell... Mainly a computer manufacturer compared to HP and ACER ACER Background Timeline 1976 Founded by Stan Shih and
his wife Carolyn Yeh 1987 Renamed from "Multitech"
to "Acer" 2007 Acer merges with Gateway *$710 million aquistion Increased Acer presence
in USA 2008 Acer aquired controlling
(75%) interest in
Packard Bell
(no relation to HP) 2009 Acer passes Dell
and is now #2
computer manufacturer
in the world. A Little More About ACER... Texas Instruments How Do They Compare? Hewlett Packard DELL ACER Current Ratio Quick Ratio Inventory Turnover EPS ROE 1.25 .98 13.24 $4.72 15% 1.30 1.35 .80 12.1 19.4% $1.10 Dell puts the customer first with their patented customization process that directly addresses the consumers needs
Dell's Just In Time inventory allows for competitive pricing despite mass customization 1.30 49 61% $1.31 Common Size Financial Statements Additional Products Cell Phone Market Future Plans
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