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Data Walls

Assist PLC's & staff to use data walls to guide school focus, support curricu. planning, & create student specific goals

Kari McGann

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Data Walls

Teacher Driven Reflection on Specific Learning Goals
Data Wall Collaboration to Increase
Student Achievement What is a Data Wall? Ensures that goals and progress are transparent. One of the most powerful techniques educators and school leaders can use to improve decision making in the classroom, school, and district is the “Data Wall.” Can be the focal point for faculty discussions on improving student achievement. Inferences & Conclusions one three two Internal
Data External
Data Three Essential Parts of a Data Wall State Test Scores A continuous part of faculty and administrative decision making throughout the school year NJSMART Data 78% of our students and higher in analyzing text according to the state test scores and 78% are proficient according to the NWEA test. External Data Internal Data Classroom
Assessments Other School
Assessments Those assessments have emphasized the analyzing text portions of the state test. Inferences & Conclusions Drawn from
the data We remain very concerned about the 33% of
students who are not proficient on the Language Arts portion of the state tests, and have developed individualized learning plans for each of these students. References http://www.sde.ct.gov/sde/lib/sde/pdf/curriculum/cali/4fidtguidelinesdatawalls.pdf Guidelines for Data Wall www.MakingStandardsWork.com Other Notes: Formal presentations for data walls are not needed. The data does the talking. The process of continuous collaboration must continue all year, not just at a retreat or conference. Data Wall Developers will want to show the
information that is most important, so that clear conclusions can be drawn; this makes the point
to faculty members that data wall developers are not merely displaying data, but are using data to inform their leadership decision making. How do you use data?
Why does data matter?
How does posting data on the wall affect dialogue among educators?
How will differentiated instruction look using the data wall?
Today’s presentation will introduce you to data
walls, their potential use, and the potential impact data walls and data analysis will have on
professional development and student
“Numbers alone mean nothing. The right
numbers, interpreted well, provide
information to evaluate effectiveness of
our improvement efforts, guide our
practice, and ultimately transform even
our lowest performing schools into places
with high levels of learning for both
students and adults” (Huff, 2008, p. 197). HOW DO YOU INTERPRET THE
“A study by the Bay Area School Reform
Collaborative (Oberman & Symonds, 2005)
revealed that schools that reviewed data several
times each month were far more likely to close
achievement gaps than those that reviewed data
only a few times a year” (as cited by Reeves,
2008/2009, p. 89). Let's hear from a principal in action. Just how do we help faculty members use data and inform their decision making? Just how do we help faculty members use data and inform their decision making to make the connections? Turn and Talk Let's look at how one PLC does it.
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