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Final Module Project

Miranda Butterfield

Miranda Butterfield

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Final Module Project

Miranda Butterfield
Mrs. Sierra
World History
Module 4.09
Module Project
5 Cities:
1. Paris (France)
Paris, France
I believe that the top 3
places there to visit are the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame and the Louvre. The Eiffel Tower is a popular landmark located at the heart of Champ de Mars. It is a must see if visiting France and is recognized all over the world. Notre Dame cathedral is a historic Roman Catholic cathedral.. It is the perfect example of the French Gothic architecture and is also well known worldwide. The Cathedral is 668 years old. The Louvre or Musee du Louvre is a spectacular museum and is one of the largest historic monuments in museums. Being the worlds most visited museum and a central landmark of Paris it would be a shame not to visit this beautiful and historical site.
Hello my friends!
I am so excited you all are coming to visit! First off, I am going to tell you about the best hot spots to hangout and the history behind them!:D
-Miranda B.
Rome Italy
London England
Venice Italy
Granada Spain
This is my work so please dont copy and paste just to call it your own. That is plagiarism and worthy of major fines!
Thanks for watching!
The Renaissance in Paris was a revival of culture, and was sparked by the Italian Renaissance. The French Renaissance was partly born in Paris. THE classical architecture and philosophy as well as ancient Greek and Roman mythology was rediscovered. One of the major leaders of the Protestant reformation was John Calvin. He was born an educated in non other than France itself and believed in the supreme authority of the bible. The spread of protestantism led to years of civil warfare and caused much religious and political change by the later 17th century.
The top 3 must see places to visit are: The London Eye, The British Museum, and Big Ben. The London Eye is the worlds largest Ferris wheel with a diameter of 120 meters (394 ft.) & an overall height of 135 meters (443 ft.) It is the tallest observation wheel and the most famous attraction in London. Next, there is the British Museum, which has been around since the year 1759. This museum also hosts a wide collection of exhibits ranging from art and artifacts to human history and culture. It's open almost 24/7. Lastly, we have Big Ben, a 316 ft clock tower in London that opened in 1859 and was built in the Gothic Revival architecture style. Big Ben the nickname of the great bell of the clock at the North end of the palace of Westminster in London.
During the Renaissance humanism and other ideas influenced many people. Literature, and art were created in London. William Shakespeare was writing many of his plays in England during this time and he was also influenced. Some Renaissance art came from Europe and influenced other cultures. Like the styles in painting and sculpting were borrowed by renaissance artists, Henry VIII was a king of England and is known for his six wives. After a refusal of divorce by the Pope, he declared himself the head of the church in England. However, his daughter Queen Elizabeth I, was a skillful leader during the Renaissance and skillfully and managed to keep a balance between laws and rituals that wouldn't anger the Catholics and Protestants.
The top three places to visit: The Colosseum of Rome,The Pantheon, and The Roman Forum. The Colosseum built by Emperor Vespasian in 80 AD could hold 55,000 people and was the scene for gladiator and also the amazing animal fights. Today, though,you will see men dressed in gladiator costumes walking around the pillars and, nearby, The Arch of Constantine which was built in 315 AD. Second, we have The Pantheon, originally built as a temple for all the Gods by Emperor Hadrian in 118-125 AD.Later on it was converted into a church by early Christians in the 7th century. It is now lined with tombs and the best part is, you don't have to pay for admission! Lastly, come see the Roman Forum, an intricate Web of Ruined temples, basilicas, and arches. It was the social, ceremonial, legal, and business center of ancient Rome.
The top places to visit in Venice, Italy would be The Doge's Palace,Basilica San Marco, and St. Mark's Square. The Doge's Palace is built in Venetian Gothic style and main landmark of Venice. Established in 1340, it was opened as a museum in 1923 and has a long history. The St. Mark's basilica is a cathedral church in Venice and is the most famous of the other cities church. It shows off the best known example of Byzantine architecture. The Piazza San Marco or St. Mark's Square is the popular public square of Venice. It is an urban space located in front of the Basilica.

Venice was one of the first city-states in Italy. It had a very good position for trade and developed a strong economy. Many people from different cultures and religions mingled in Venice and ideas got traded while people influenced each other. This led to helpful move into the Renaissance, but because of the influences, this also led to the rise and fall of many neighboring city-states.
The Alhambra Palace was originally a fortress built back in the year of 889 and was later converted to a palace in 1333. It is one of Spain's major tourist attractions. This palace shows Islamic Berber architecture. It has a Byzantine influence to it and gives an example of Muslim art. The Monastery of St. Jerome in Granada, Spain, is a Roman Catholic Church in a Renaissance style. Dating back from 1496 built by Catholic Monarchs. It is richly decorated and is home to the grave of Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba (a captain who led the conquest of Granada). The museum of Fine Arts in Granada contains work of art from the Renaissance and the early 16th century.

The Spanish made many explorations efforts. During the Renaissance many transformations occurred. The Spanish conquered much of the South and Central America. Although Spain isn't referred to as a Renaissance center, many great artists worked in Spain. Literature was also brought to Spain by7 a young man named Miguel de Cervantes. He was exposed to humanism and Renaissance ideas. He wrote a novel from these ideas.
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