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World War II


David Antonio

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of World War II

location 1
The USA joined the war because Japan invaded them . It took place at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
World War ll
location 2
Location 3
China got invaded by Japan so the chinese were with the USA.
location 4
The Soviet Union fought with Germany and Germany had to go through Russia, which is snowy.Soviet union had secretly divided Europe with Germany and that changed after they attacked.

location 5
France fought with Germany for Poland and failed. France was one of the first to surrender during the war.
location 6
Germany was an axis nation and started the war when they invaded Poland.They also invaded Norway, Denmark ,Finland ,Austria, and many more. Germany had secretly divide Europe between Russia (soviet union) and changed after Germany attacked Soviet Union.
location 7
location 8
Italy was a friend of Germany because they invaded Indonesia (now Ethiopia).
location 9
location 10
Africa was invaded by the axis nation. The Germany and allies helped them this included Brattain, Rommel,and France help push them out.
location 13
Many nations were destroyed during the war and others were made such as Osaka and Israel for the jewish, and others were destroyed.
location 11

The Philippians were getting invaded by Japan the first battle the USA and Philippians failed the second battle they won.
Canada helped in the battle of Berlin and also helped in other pacific battles such as the corral sea.
Australia helped during the battle of south Africa and Stalingrad and Berlin.
location 12
India helped in the battle of Africa and the battle of Berlin. They also lost their leader.
The Leaders
Germany- Hitler
USA- Franklin D.Roosevelt
Soviet Union- Joseph Stalin
Britain- Winston Churchill
China- Chang Kai-Shek
Japan -Hirohito
Allies Nation

Axis Nation
Italy- Benito
Japan joined the war because China didn't give them what they wanted. Soon they became a Axis Nation.
Many of these nations were involved. There is 210 flags and 64 nations were involved.
The most important navy battle is the battle of midway with Australian and Americans against the Japaneses.
Wars cause nations to lose homes and many lives.Children also became orphans and if it is one nation against may their is a chance of the one nation losing thousand lives.
All these nations around Syria are invading them(that is what the video is about).
These videos are about WW II.
The victors in World War l wanted it to
be " the war to end all wars" but the postwar peace settlements bred resentment among both defeated and victorious nations, and helped lead to another war.
World War I and its Legacy
Britain joined the war when Germany invaded Poland and defended Poland with the french.
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