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The Birthday Box

No description

jurnee payton

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Birthday Box

Presented By: Jurnee Payton Jane Yolen wrote her first two books before she entered high school. Since then, Yolen has written more than 250 books. "Birthday Box" was first published in 1995. Jane Yolen was born in 1939. Author Background Birthday Box Katie was only ten years old and it was her tenth birthday and she had her birthday party in the hospital. Author: Jane Yolen Katie had to have her birthday party in the hospital because her mother was sick with cancer. Some of the people that worked in the hospital brought Katie gifts for her birthday. Katie's mother had brought her an empty box but before Katie had the chance to ask her mom why the box was empty, she died. Every year on Katie's birthday she would cry, until she realized the true meaning of the box, that she was suppose to fill the box up with things she do, like her writing. Birthday Box was written in first-person point of view. It is important because it's show how the reader fill's first hand. The box in Birthday Box symbolism Katie's life, that means that Katie should fill the box up with all her writings and she needs to fill up herself, meaning her life with experiences. What I enjoyed about the story Birthday Box is that it added suspense to the story. When I read that the box Katie's mother gave her for her birthday was empty it was suspenseful. Summary Point Of View Literary Elements What I Enjoy The End
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