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The Breadwinner Series

This is a prezi on the 4 charecters I put in are of The Breadwinner series and their chareter traits. Those 4 charecters are Father, Parvana, Leila and Asif

Kylie Yuen

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The Breadwinner Series

Mind map
By Kylie The Bread winner series Leila is :
Imaginative Leila Parvana is:
Fustrated Parvana Asif is:
Loving Asif Father is Brave because he will travel for a long way even though he only has 1 leg, needs crutches and in bad health condition and also he will brave the Taliban as they captured him. Brave Father is:
Caring Father Motherly Parvana is Motherly because
she has cared for Leila and
Hassan as her own children. Smart Parvana is Smart because she knows 2 different languages and she knows how to read. Fustrated Parvana is Frustrated becauseAsif never really listens to her and also he teases her and annoys her. Arrogant Asif is Arrogant because he always says that Parvana is not doing this and that right and saying that he himself can do better than her even if he can't and calling her an idiot when she led them to a minefield and he says that Parvana is stupid because the fields of purple flowers are not real even thought it is real.. Mean Asif is Mean because in the book he was always telling Parvana how stupid she was, calling her names and saying that Shauzia is just an imaginary friend. Loving Asif is Loving because he is always taking care of Hassan. Also at the end, He says that Parvana probally doesn't want him to stay and will be happy if he leaves so he says that he will stay just to annoy her but I think that he is staying because he loves her like they are family. Brave Leila is Brave because she will stand strong in the street while there are bombs dropping everywhere around her and she will go on to the minefield to get food for Parvana and Asif at the refugee camp. Optimistic Leila is Optimistic because she is always trying to look on the bright side and saying stuff that will help people cheer up. Imaginative Leila is Imaginative because she thinks that if you feed the earth with a few crumbs then you will be protected , also she thinks that Parvana's mother and Leila's mother will meet each other and come to green valley and that Grandmother will be waiting for Leila back at green valley even though Grandmother is dead. Selfless Father is Selfless because he will travel a long way to find his family even though his health is in poor conditions. Caring Father is Caring because he works so hard before he got arrested for his family to survive and he travels to find his family even though it is difficult.
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