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"Speak" Soundtrack Project

No description

Jaycie Peter

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of "Speak" Soundtrack Project

The song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day is perfect to represent Melinda, because it talks about walking alone, and Melinda is alone in a good majority of this book. The lyrics say, "My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating. Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me. 'Til then I walk alone. This song connects to Melinda because she doesn't have many friends.
1.) A character of my choice- Melinda
3.) A prominent theme in the novel- Speaking Up.
The song "Speak Up" by Kristinia DeBarge is a perfect song, because it explains how speaking up is a good thing. Melinda needs to speak up about the rape. The song says "speak up cause your silence is killing me". Melinda is scared to tell the truth but this song would tell her that it's okay to speak up. This song also says, "Let your heart say what you won't say. Don't let the silence tear us away. Cuz I can never tell, I can never tell. If you don't speak up" Nobody would have ever known or even had the thought that a rape happened if Melinda wouldn't have spoken up.
4.) An internal conflict that Melinda is struggling with- Depression
The song "Human" by Christina Perri is the perfect example of an internal conflict of depression, because it describes what a person with depression goes through. This song states, "But I'm only human. And I bleed when I fall down. I'm only human. And I crash and I break down. Your words in my head, knives in my heart. You build me up and then I fall apart. 'Cause I'm only human." This describes what a person with depression goes through, they feel like people just want to continue to pick them apart, just like Melinda felt, alone.

2.) The relationship between two or more characters- Melinda & Andy
The song "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson is a great representation of the relationship of Andy and Melinda because it talks about being scared, and how one thing can ruin her whole life. The lyrics state, "Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me. Because of you, I am afraid." Melinda is afraid of Andy and afraid to speak up. It also states "I'm forced to fake a smile, a laugh every day of my life." Melinda fakes another whole personality around Heather, like the rape never happened. The relationship between Andy and Melinda is tense, much like this song.
Jaycie Peter
"Speak" Soundtrack Project
5.) A major event that occurs in the novel- The Rape
The song "Down & Out" by The Academy Is..., is a great song to describe what Melinda thinks about Andy because of the rape. There is a lyric in the song that says, "A man that she's grown so fearful of." These lyrics connect to Melinda because she is terrified of Andy after he had raped her, and Melinda has grown fearful not only of Andy, but that he might rape her again.
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