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ICT Opportunities in Development

Presentation for ICT Quantum Leap, Victoria Falls, 15 October 2013

Gertjan van Stam

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of ICT Opportunities in Development

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
ICT Opportunities in Development
African Agriculture/Health/Social Services

Behavior and Characteristics can only be Understood, Developed, and Evaluated within a Social Context
ICT Opportunities
in Development
Relationships: Doing Local, Being Global

Education: Transdiciplinar Models

Infrastructure: Respectful Implementation

Social Justice: Stories of Local Talent
For Instance: Africa's Contribution to the World
Examples of Strength:
- Ubuntu: Community Development
- Relatio: Workforce Development
- Orality, Dominatio: Thought Leadership
Lessons Learned
and to Learn
ICT Amplifies
Human Intent
A Society of Character achieved
through Perseverance
Considerate Growth
Longitudinal Research
Augment Conventional Thinking
Local Relevance
Hegemonic Believes/Truths
- Technology amplifies Your Intent
- Therefore, aim for:
- Cultural Nearness to African Society
- Diversity of Cultural Content of Modernity
- Balance in the Flow of Influence

African Stories are Important to Teach and to guide the Utilisation for Progress of the African Individual, the African Community, the Nation and the World

ICT is an infrastructure to be explored
for all aspects of Society
African Traditions
Ubuntu: "I am because We are"

Orality: strength in verbal expression

Relatio: economy of giving, market of settling

Dominatio: "No future without forgiveness"
What is Happening?
(Out There)
- It is about People, not about Technology
- All Stakeholders, national, traditional, empowered and disempowered must be involved
- Supporting Infrastructure must be in place
Gertjan van Stam:
- Living the Life, in rural areas (12 years)
- Etnographic study
- Foreign Research Fellow, SIRDC
Curriculum Vitae
What is Happening?
(In Context)
Esther Kalambo, divinity degree holder, study through Internet
Internet in the bush, PC Crazy
Nurses Training School
Equal Access

and Evaluation
Maintenance for Equipment
and Networks
African Context
Diversity: "Africa is not a Country"

Change: Closed, Arrested or Open Communities

Dominated: Growing Inequalities

Constrained: "The Wretched of the Earth"

- Appropriate Content
-Social Innovation
- Let Africa Lead
- Schigm between 'the West' and 'the Rest', e.g.
- 98% management theories emerge from USA
- ethically loaded concepts of human nature
- Most technologies emanate Western thinking and it's Ethical System
- Technologies emerged from 'Well-To-Do' laboratories
- ICTs have made the world a more unequal place (have vs have nots)
- Africa has unique context, including poverty and inequalities

Priorities and Opportunities
Zim Asset:
Food Security and Nutrition
Social Services and Poverty Eradication
Infrastructure and Utilities
Value Addition and Beneficiation

e-everything (e-Agriculture, e-Health, etc)
Public Private Community Partnerships
Contextualization Partnerships
Production for the Other 3 Billion
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