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No description

Bonnie Li

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Scratch

What is Scratch?
A block-based computer programming language designed by M.I.T.
Used to help young students from the age of 8 to 16 learn how to program.
Can be used to program stories, games, and animations that can be shared with others.
Scratch Basics
Our Projects
Scratch uses puzzle-like blocks which are already pre-programmed.
We were given several tasks to complete with the Scratch application. We programmed an All About Me animation and a simple game with score counters.
Our Experience
Score Counter
Game Project
We spent a week learning how to program with Scratch. Many of us had never programmed before, so it was challenging at first. By the end of the week, we were able to make our own games from
For example, if you select a
, you can tell it to move 10 steps to the left when the left key is pressed down.
By Bonnie Li, Hannah Phan, and Lydia Smith
There are different colored blocks for different program types.
The purple blocks program how the sprite looks, and you can make it change "costumes."
Sensing blocks are blocks that detect things. For example, the touching block checks if a sprite is touching the edge, the mouse-pointer, or another sprite.
Types of Blocks
Sprites are the objects in your program that performs the actions programmed.

You can use the sprites that Scratch provides or make your own!
Default sprite
Choosing your own sprite
The operation blocks perform math functions
The event blocks trigger the script's actions
Controls the sound
The motion blocks control the movement of Sprites
Our Scratch Project
Our Steps
Script for Cat
Script for fish
We hope you enjoyed
Our Presentation!
Special Thanks to Sridevi, Monica, Sophie, Esther, Gil, Peanut, and especially Dennis.
Our About Me's
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