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Nat King Cole and Michael Bublé- Music

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Ashley Atzingen

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Nat King Cole and Michael Bublé- Music

Nat King Cole and Micheal Bublé- Music
Michael Bublé
Michael Bublé is a Canadian vocalist, songwriter, and actor. As a child he lived primarily with his grandfather and mother because his father was always out fishing at sea. He launched his career at 17 by winning a local talent show, however he was later disqualified for being under 18. Nonetheless, his publicity was out and he entered the British Columbia Youth Talent Search with encouragement from his grandfather and won first place. ("Michael Bublé Biography." Bio.com. )
Michael Bublé-Continued
Nat King Cole-Continued
Cole's mother was a church choir director and his father was a pastor of a Baptist church. At first Cole was only a pianist but later joined a trio with guitarist Oscar Moore and bassist Wesley Prince. The three became famous for their songs "That Ain't Right", "Straighten Up and Fly Right" and "The Christmas Song." By the 1950's Cole emerged as a solo performer working with musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. His famous solo hits include "Nature Boy", "Mona Lisa", and "Unforgettable." (Nat King Cole Biography." Bio.com)
Nat King Cole
Born in 1919 in Montgomery, Alabama, Nat King Cole was one of the most profound jazz musicians of his time. At the age of 4 he began learning piano with his mother, and, in his early teens, got professional lessons. At age 15 he dropped out of high school to become a full time jazz pianist. ("Nat King Cole
Biography." Bio.com)
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His big debut hit when he had a performance for Michael McSweeny, former advisor to the Canadian prime minister. He was so impressed by Bublé's music that he gave out free copies of his album which eventually fell in the hands of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his wife. The couple invited Bublé to sing for their daughter's wedding and at the wedding Bublé met David Foster, a grammy winning producer and Warner Brothers Executive. Foster was able to sign buble to the 143 Records Label and together they created his first album,
Micheal Bublé
, released in 2003.
("Michael Bublé Biography." Bio.com. )
Micheal Bublé-Personal Life
Bublé's hit, "Home", was written while he was still in a relationship with his girlfriend of eight years, Debbie Timuss, but after they broke up he wrote the single "Lost" as a sequel to "Home." His current girlfriend Emily Blunt is the reason for the creation of "Everything" and the single "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" was written for his current wife Luisana Lopilato.("Biography." IMDb. IMDb.com)
Michael Bublé Connections to Art- "Home"
Michael Bublé was in an ongoing relationship with Debbie Timuss for eight years when he wrote this song. He was currently working on creating an album in Europe with music directors Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillies and co-wrote the song with Chang. He missed his beloved girlfriend who was in the United States at the time and dedicated the song to her. ("Home." By Michael Bublé Songfacts. )
Connections to Art- "Everything"
Bublé co-wrote this song with Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillies for his now ex-girlfriend Emily Blunt. He said that he wanted the world to know how one person can make everything worth while. ( "Everything by Michael Bublé." Michael Bublé Songfacts.) He started dating Emily Blunt shortly after he called off the engagement with Timuss in 2005 and produced Everything March 19th, 2007. Blunt and Bublé broke up the following year. ( "Biography." IMDb. IMDb.com,)
Connections to Art- "Just Haven't Met You Yet"
In an interview with the Austrailian Newspaper,
The Age
, Bublé admits to being inspired by his current wife, Luisana Lopilato, to write the song. At the time they weren't dating because she didn't speak English and just got out of a very public relationship. However he recalls "I knew something was going to happen- I just hadn't met her yet." ("Haven't Met You Yet." By Michael Bublé Songfacts.) Today the couple is still married and they have one child. ("Michael Bublé Admits: My Marriage Is hard." Metro Michael Bublé .)
Forums in which Art is Exhibited
Michael Bublé performs his music in a variety of ways, one of them being Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's daughter's wedding. However, his main way of performing is through concerts. He has traveled to every continent across the globe after releasing major albums such as "Crazy Love" and "It's Time" with great success. ("Tour." Michael Bublé Official Website.) Jobs for Bublé included talent shows, conventions, cruise ships, hotel lounges, bars, clubs, and theaters. ("Biography." IMDb. IMDb.com)
Connections to Art- "Straighten Up and Fly Right"
"Straighten Up and Fly Right" was Nat King Cole's trio's first original hit. ("Nat King Cole." Performing Songwriter) Cole's father was a Baptist pastor and once used the term "Straighten Up and Fly Right" in his sermon to describe a buzzard who tried to trick a monkey into flying with him, thinking the monkey would be helpless in the air. The monkey got a choke hold on the buzzard, forcing him to “Straighten Up and Fly Right.” (Cole, Maria. Nat King Cole: An Intimate Biography) Cole took this quote and made it the title and lyrics to his first original hit. ("Nat King Cole Biography." Bio.com)
Nat King Cole-Final Days
In 1964, Cole had developed lung cancer. Nat King Cole had been a life long smoker and passed away from the disease February 15th, 1965, at the extremely young age of 45. L-O-V-E was the last single recorded by Cole before his death, however, his daughter Natalie continued the profession and created a duet for the song "Unforgettable" combining both Nat king Cole's vocals and hers in a wonderful duet piece. ("Nat King Cole Biography." Bio.com)
While performing a gig at the Swanee Inn with his trio, Cole was asked by a patron to sing the 1928 song "Sweet Lorraine." At the time the band was mainly instrumental and Cole initially refused stating he was a pianist and not a singer. However the owner of the hotel pressured Cole into performing it because the man offered to pay big. Cole finally gave in and the song became an immediate success, and the trio included it in all their sets from then on. Although Cole did not write the song himself, it was the first song with vocals and was recorded by Decca Records in 1940. (Cole, Maria. Nat King Cole: An Intimate Biography)
Connections to Art- "Unforgettable"
By the late 1940's, Cole had abandoned his trio and many of his fans feared that he got rid of his band to accomodate a more mainstream audience. "Unforgettable" was Cole's first hit without the trio and he was instead supported by a full orchestra. Cole recorded the single in 1951 with Nelson Riddle Orchestration. (Cole, Maria. Nat King Cole: An Intimate Biography) The song was written by Irving Gordon but Cole felt the title was fitting and that he was "Unforgettable" even without his trio. ("Irving Gordon; Composer of 'Unforgettable')
Forums in which Art is Exhibited
Nat King Cole originally toured as a pianist all around the world in a national tour of Broadway theater legend Eubie Blake's revue, "Shuffle Along". After the tour Cole went to Los Angeles where he formed his trio and performed in pubs and hotels in New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., and other eastern cities. Radio also helped Cole to become a success. Capitol marketed him as a singer of love ballads making him popular among listeners. (Encyclopedia of Alabama: Nat "King" Cole)
Comparing and Contrasting the Artistic Experience- Michael Bublé
Jazz Musician
Wrote songs primarily on the status of his love life
Success wasn't reached until 17
Creates/ co-creates all of his own music
Passionate about singing from the start
Main forum in which music is performed is concerts
Grew up with little support from his dad
Relied on his grandfather's help to book performances
Born in Canada
Comparing and Contrasting the Artistic Experience- Nat King Cole
Jazz Musician
Wrote songs based on his religious faith
Success begins at the age of 4 as a pianist
Producers write almost all of his songs
Originally passionate about piano, then transferred to singing
Main forum in which music is produced is gigs (Pubs and hotels)
Grew up with support from both parents
Constantly in high demand from the public for performances
Born in Alabama
Connections to Art- "Sweet Lorraine"
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