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IGCSE Travel & Tourism - Marketing Anaysis Tools

No description

Shaday Duncombe

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of IGCSE Travel & Tourism - Marketing Anaysis Tools

Marketing And Promotions IGCSE Travel & Tourism There are two tools any business in the travel and tourism industry can use to assess their current market positioning. These are known by the acronyms SWOT and PEST and may seem familiar to many business students. What is the difference between the two tools? Debate Topic Market Segmentation Marketing Analysis Tools Market Segmentation is the careful targeting of the product/ service to specific individuals in the population who will be more likely to buy. By geographical location Using demographics: age, gender, levels of disposable income Lifestyle: general attitudes towards life, religion Icebreaker Activity Thank You Starter Activity Should women be allowed to drive taxi cabs? RTA introduces new female taxi drivers indicated by pink topped taxi cars. Experienced users claim that female taxi drivers charge higher rates than males. Let's Review What are the four main functions/purposes of marketing and promotion? What are the main differences of chartered and scheduled flights? Define a specialist tour operator. What are ancillary services? What is meant by a heterogeneous product? Truth or Stereotype?
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