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Senior Project

No description

liliana cuevas

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project

Job Shadowing an English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher By: Liliana Cuevas Art Project A rocky start to my project Job Shadowing an actual ELL teacher in Elementary - was not doable

ELL Coordinator put me in next best thing to ELL teacher
Dual Language Program! While I was there... Helped run activities with the kids
groups of 6
Reading, writing and math
(All in Spanish!)
Clean up classroom
Hang up art work on the walls for parents to see What is the Dual Language Program? Offered only at Valley Elementary

Kindergarten - Fifth grade
later 50%-50% evens out

Half Native English Speakers & Half Spanish Speakers K-5 Classroom Mrs. Ozakcay's Kindergarten class
about 30 kids
Some ELL Students
Maestra Lily! March 20, 2013 - Reading and discussing the plot and characters in the book. Would stop every page and ask the kids where certain characters or object were, for example where the bridge (el puente) was March 20, 2013- Reading "Los Tres Chivos"
(The Three Goats) Giving directions to kindergarteners
*Patience is KEY*

Cutting and gluing can get very messy! I was sweating by the end of the last group! Energy drained. Realization Gracias por su tiempo!

Thank you for your time! Why I chose this project... Was an ELL student through elementary
Came to the US in 2002; second grade
Not a single word of English
Know from personal experience the struggles students go through
Now fluent in English
Wanted to get a better understanding as to how teachers work with kids Very thankful for the experience to work with such a smart group of kids
Realized teaching is not the career I would like to pursue
Have patience, but not enough
A very exhausting line of work How I got started Would not have known where to start if it had not been for the help I got from Mrs. Jolk [Spanish teacher at Poway High]
Helped me get in contact with district's ELL coordinator
Mrs. Day Playing jump rope with my kindergarten girls. Not your typical "ELL" students, have a mix of kids. ELL: English Language Learner
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