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I am Xenon. By: Morgan Marcotte

No description

Morgan Marcotte

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of I am Xenon. By: Morgan Marcotte

I am Xenon. By: Morgan Marcotte
Physical: Inert gas, colorless, odorless, non-toxic. Denser than helium, neon and argon, but not as dense as radon. Pure gas form: density of 5.751 kg/m3. Liquid density: up to 3.100 g/mL. Solid density: 3.640 g/cm3.
Used in photographic flash lamps, stroboscopic lamps, high-intensive arc-lamps for motion picture projection and high-pressure arc-lamps to product UV light. Used in general anesthetic, xenon 'blue' headlights and fog lights, etc.
Atomic mass: 131.1 amu.
*Discovered in England in 1898
Melting point: -111.9 degrees Celsius
Boiling Point: -108.1 degrees Celsius
Neutrons: 77
Atomic number: 54

I am the Michael Jordan of elements. Every element wants to be "Like Mike". This means that the elements want to have a completely filled outer shell.
Noble Gas
*Founded by Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay
Chemical: Ordinary conditions, will not react. Low temperatures and high pressures, forced to react with oxygen and fluorine. Non-combustible, may ignite or explode on contact with combustible materials.
36 isotopes, half-lives are known, with mass numbers from 110 amu to 145 amu. In naturally occurring form, mixture of nine isotopes.
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