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rbb Version - The Importance of Visuals to the Social Media Experience

No description

rbb Public Relations

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of rbb Version - The Importance of Visuals to the Social Media Experience

Pictures Worth A Thousand Shares
The importance of visuals to social media
Content is KING
Show don't tell
Friends on social media
mainly enjoy looking at photos
more likely to engage with
photo posts from brands
4 billion total photos uploaded
54% of top brands on platform
50 U.S. sites
Infographics = HUGE
People are social
and love to share
1 billion smartphones
Information overload
with amazing cameras
average word length of blog post
A little story
Show don't tell
27% of U.S. photos

taken by smartphone
8 second attention span
Say it fast. Say it well.
fans who actually see brand page content
s pictures
increase in fan engagement
Shows off diversity of product
Unique brand personality
Makes a non-visual product very visual and FUN
Size matters
Make Time for Timeline
User-Generated Content
Check your Insights
Promoted Posts
People love memes
Most popular categories
Size matters (again)
Repin, Comment, Like
Customize pins
No admins
Search Engine Optimization
It can work
Visually brand your company
Things to
Two types of posts
Creative cover photos
403 x 403 px
843 x 403 px
Explore your past
Experiment with Facebook itself
Meme: Image or video that is widely shared
Fragment text over image is a popular layout
Ask fans to contribute content
Re-sharing is a form of rewarding
Always ask permission
Necessary evil
851 x 315 px
Third-party platforms
of pins are re-pins
"Florida Beaches" better than "Places I Love"
Be social
554 px wide. No limit on height.
Keyword Optimization
Visual storytelling
Harness hashtags
Share compelling content
Do you fit into Instagram?
Post consistently
Filter responsibly
Watch your frequency
not constantly
Think outside the box
Opportunity for extra exposure
Urban Outfitters turned fans into models
And let people know you're on Pinterest
Also uses hashtags
It's a bit Facebook-lite
Reach new audiences
Visually-driven platform
940 x 180 px
Smashing Good Idea
Smashing Pumpkins asked fans to create visual versions of new songs
"Sticky" Pinterest campaign idea
Win crafty budget wedding with a board
Expect the unexpected
UNICEF uses pins to raise awareness of child poverty
Show, don't tell, how it's made
Chef Matt Jennings has 800 Instagram photos
Shows product in a unique light
1. The basics still matter
2. Have a plan
3. Visuals can't be an afterthought
4. Teach storytelling
5. Be social
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