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Letter from Birmingham Jail

No description

Kaitlyn C.

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Letter from Birmingham Jail

Letter from Birmingham Jail
SOAPStone Method
Martin Luther King Jr. is the speaker
He wrote this in the Birmingham City Jail.
King writes this in response to a letter sent from some religious authorities.
King wrote this letter to explain why he was in Birmingham and to explain why he started the civil disobedience. He justifies what he is doing and reprimands the leaders for not actively participating in civil rights. He makes it clear that the oppressed can stay oppressed forever and the time to fight back is now. King's letter is evidence that shows how cruelly the African Americans were treated and how change is necessary. This letter shows the other pastors what was wrong. They probably had no idea how the African Americans felt and the letter showed them a different perspective. The letter was also "in their face" and effectively explained King's side.
King explains his reasons for civil disobedience and urges the religious leaders to act on what they preach about.
His tone is somewhat imploring as he hoped the white moderates would help in teh fight against segregation. He changes his tone alot to match what he is saying and uses a lot of emotion. King also uses religious examples to touch on the fact that his audience are pastors and reverands.
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