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Margret Corbin

No description

Sierra Southerlin

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Margret Corbin

Margret Corbin~
10 Fun Facts
Margret Corbin
Something I learned
Margret Corbin was a orphan at a young age. Her father had died in an Indian attack. She never saw her mother return after they "The Indians" held her captive.
In 1772, Margaret married John Corbin a Virginia Farmer at the age of 21
Margaret was given a nick name "Captain Molly"
Orphaned at the age of 5
Margaret was a patriot (prior knowlege)
She loaded and shot a canon in the American Revolution
first woman to receive pension from the United States government
refused to stay at home so she went w/ her husband to war
stood by her husband during the war
Margaret's maiden name is Cochran
she died at the age of 48 in Highland Falls, New York
Major Accomplishment
Impact on the American Revolution
Margaret was born on November 12, 1751 near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
though she grew up in Franklin County PA
first woman to receive pension from the United States government
Margaret Corbin believed that all woman were created just as equal as men
Google Images
Margret Corbin helped alot during the American Revolution. She helped out as a nurse and firing and loading the canon. Margaret, as a nurse she helped treat wounded soldiers as well as firing a canon. She is famous today for fighting alongside her husband at Fort Washington, New York where her husband had taken charge of a canon when the gunner had been killed. Shortly there after her husband was also killed and she stepped up to the plate and kept on firing the cannon until she was injured by grape shot in her shoulder, a wound that she would never recover from.
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