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It's all about STRING

A brief overview of the string family of instruments.

Michael Dove

on 26 October 2017

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Transcript of It's all about STRING

It's All About STRING!
Most string instruments have hollow BODIES attached to a NECK with strings.
The body is HOLLOW so the sound will RESONATE.
Fingers are placed on the FINGERBOARD to change the LENGTH of the string.
The "L"onger the string the LOWER the pitch - the "L"ooser the string the LOWER the pitch - the thicker the string the LOWER the pitch.
Strings must VIBRATE to produce sound.
String instruments are usually played by either BOWING, PLUCKING or STRUMMING.
The violin is the most POPULAR string instrument.
It is also the SMALLEST and plays the highest PITCHES.
It is held under the CHIN and is usually played with a BOW.
Plucking the strings with your FINGERS is called pizzacato.
In the Ozarks we call the violin the FIDDLE
The viola looks like the VIOLIN except a little BIGGER.
Since it is larger it has a LOWER sound.
The viola is also held under the CHIN and played with a BOW.
The cello is too large to be held under the chin and must be placed BETWEEN the legs and the player must SIT to play it.
It has beautiful and MELLOW sound. YO YO MA is a famous cellist.
The DOUBLE bass is the largest instrument in the VIOLIN family
It is over SIX feet tall and plays some of the lowest PITCHES in the orchestra.
The double bass is also important in JAZZ and BLUEGRASS music.
You must STAND to play it. The bass can be played by BOWED, PLUCKED or SLAPPED.
The guitar is a popular string instrument with SIX to TWELVE strings.
The guitar plays CHORDS.
Guitars are usually STRUMMED.
Electric guitars have SOLID bodies that must be amplified.
A chord is more than one note playing at the SAME time.
It is used in music like COUNTRY and ROCK.
Many guitarists use a PICK when playing.
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