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Marketing Automation

No description

Reivick Giuliani

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Automation

Why Marketing Automation?
We need to know our customers
What have we done so far?
Increased knowledge and confidence of Marketo users
What are the challenges ahead?
In the mid/long term:
Let's don't forget to do this!
Increase communication and seek feedback from sales teams
Leveraging our strengths
Creative and enthusiastic team, full of ideas and energy to put them into practice
What does it take to analyse?
Have a single view of the customer (360º view)
Take Marketing ROI to new heights!
Marketing Automation
Mynewsdesk's journey
Get to know our customers and our market
Drive our customers' journey for lifetime value
The best way to do that is to observe their behaviour
allows us to have eyes and ears in many channels
And to relate that data to individuals in our CRM system
So sales teams have an an easier job at selling
London, August 2014
And marketing teams can create better campaigns
Integrated Marketo/SFDC to PPC
Brought new marketing hooks into the Marketo flow - demo requests x 2, APP and web signup form switch
Defined and disseminated a lead management process
Ongoing Marketo and SFDC optimisation
Integrate Marketo/SFDC with webinars, events apps
Improve segmentation, unified industry sectors
Revise scoring system, emphasis on recycling leads
Integration with MND platform (Admin) - next year
Inform and communicate with GMT and other stakeholders
Use analytics to adjust course of action - do, measure, improve
Great collaboration in the Funnel team
Willing to try new things and not afraid of failing
What are the challenges ahead?
In the short term:
Step up email marketing - more direct CTAs, more AB testing, start using dynamic content, etc.
Do automated emails and engagement programmes
New users, new needs - keep up training
Integrate Marketo/SFDC with social media
Incorporate leads’ online behaviour beyond emails - i.e., interactions with website, device usage, interactions in social media, etc.
Increase Mynewsdesk market share
Initiated a culture of analytics
Unified reporting platform as much as possible
Have clear, globally followed processes in place for each relevant touch point
Identify all entry points and have a stable source of leads from the technical point of view
Have an agreed set of metrics that are actionable
Question the data, triangulate it, ask for feedback, make sense of it... so you can trust it!
Create a subscription centre
Improve SFDC usage overall
Mynewsdesk' culture
Progressive profiling
Database cleansing
Multi-touch revenue attribution model
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