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Exploring Zero Harm

No description

Mining Plus Pty Ltd

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Exploring Zero Harm

ZER HARM exploring How many of us have heard the statements:
“Our highest priority is safety” or “Our number one priority is safety”, Zero Harm etc? Safety-Production Paradox Summary

Zero Harm can undermine a leaders credibility
Zero Harm has no currency
Can be an 'overly simplistic' slogan Just a slogan

“Zero Harm” is just a simplistic slogan that potentially trivialises the complex concept of safety Oxford Definitions Definition of zero:
the lowest possible amount or level; nothing at all

Definition of Harm:
physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted No Currency Zero Harm has also been defined as:
● Zero incidents
● Zero injuries
● Zero work-related illnesses
● Zero environmental incidents. No Currency Zero Harm defined as:
• Zero fatalities
• Zero permanently disabling injuries
• Zero injuries to members of the public
• Zero long term harm to health
• Accident Frequency Rate <0.1,
while aiming for Zero AFR Recent example In the June 2012 Harvard Business Review a global CEO stated:

“I’m determined to reach my goal of Zero Harm” Key Points I am not presenting a solution but a challenge to current convention
Zero Harm has no currency or consistent definition, so what is it?
Zero Harm may damage a leaders credibility
Zero Harm may disenfranchise the very people that are trying to be helped
A model will be presented to support a proposed definition of achieving Zero Harm Introduction 2 aspects of Zero Harm to consider today:
Cultural News Flash!

Michael Clarke today committed the Australian cricket team to zero harm.

Clark announced that the number one
objective for the Australian cricket team
this summer is;
.......'not to get injured’! Safety – Production Paradox Following an extensive investigation by the regulator ‘SafelyWork’ into cricketing injuries, the ACB has recommended the following changes effective immediately.
- No running on the cricket field
- Hard leather balls are not to be used
- A 50m safety exclusion zone is to exist around the batsmen Safety-Production Paradox A Cultural Flag Zero Harm could suggest that leaders are naive to how work is performed and how hazards are managed in their workplaces.
- Undermines confidence in the Leader
- Damages trust in the Leader A Cultural Flag Is honourable and morally appealing

Is not achievable in absolute terms
Damages trust and integrity No Currency Or maybe, Zero Harm can be defined as meaning no DART

(Days Away, Restrictions and Temporary assignments) and no medical incidents. Thank
You Six Spheres of Safety Engagement Darren Head Consulting Manager
Geoscience & Risk AusIMM New Leaders Conference Any questions? Today's topic: (Refer to B Hawke 1987 election commitment to no children living in poverty by 1990)
The Best
The Worst
Rules and
Skills and
The Person
Tools &
Equipment Leadership/Communications/Relationships
(Organisational Culture) Zero
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