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Geothermal Energy

How can we power the world?

Antoinette Randall

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy
Careers & Requirements
Scientists - (Environmental scientists, Geologists, Hydrologists, Wildlife Biologists.)
Engineers - (Civil, Electrical, Environmental, and Mechanical.)
Drilling - (Derrick operators, Rotary driller operators, and Roustabouts)
Construction - (Carpenters, equipment operators, laborers, Managers, electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters.)
Plant operators - (Power plant operators.)
Current list of resources to be used


Careers - http://www.bls.gov/green/geothermal_energy/geothermal_energy.htm#occupations
Careers & Requirements Cont.
Scientists -
Must have computer skills.
bachelor's degree - geologists (Approved by state licensing board), environmental, and wildlife scientists.
Masters degree - Hydrologists.
Engineers -
Must have at least a bachelor's degree.
Be licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE).
Must continue his/her education to keep up with current technologies.
Drillers -
Few formal education requirement.
does not need high school diploma.
Construction -
Must have an associates degree (in some cases, a high school diploma) or higher in construction.
business management or engineering.
previous experience.
Part 2: Careers
Part 1: Industry
Career Wages

Pros and Cons
+ -
Huge amounts of money
saved down the line.

Reduces use of fossil fuels

Job opportunities

Completely reliable

available 365 days a year
Environmental issues
-Sulfuric emissions

Requires extreme caution when dealing with piping

Career Responsibilities
Scientists -
Determine the most suitable area for drilling.
Determine the availability and quality of water.
Get the plant approved for environmental regulations and policies.
Minimize impact on wildlife.
Engineers -
Design the geothermal plant itself (electrical components, electronic distribution, and machinery)
Observe the impact on the wildlife.
India's New Geothermal Project
Their plan to develop
The problems they face
Possible options to fix these problems
Drillers -
Place pipe sections in the ground.
Drill liquids in the ground.
Break up rock and debris.
Costs, Prices, and Other Challenges /Businesses Involved
Costs about $0.05- $0.08 per kwh (Kilowatt Hour)
Average cost for field and power plant
Very expensive at first
- Investment in the long run
- Huge room for profit
Calpine Power Corporation ( US )
BY: Antoinette Randall, Raul Mayers, and Michael Rosen
Construction -
Deal with the building aspect of the geothermal plant
They often focus on pipework, installation, and maintainence.
Plant operators -
Monitor and oversee geothermal machinery.
Inspect the plant for faults
Regulate voltage and electricity flow.
Geothermal energy is created using heat from the Earth's core.
Geothermal energy is captured with "hydrothermal convection" systems.
When heated water is forced to the surface is used to drive electric generators.
Geothermal power plants drill their own holes into the rock to more effectively capture the steam.
Geothermal Risks
Risks include but are not limited to:
Possible construction injuries.
Toxins released from the water such as sulfur, arsenic, and phosphorus.
Gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that causes irritation to the lungs.
Development and Advancements
The steam that rises from "hydrothermal convection" systems is captured and used to power generators which produces electricity.
The problem was, when the area cooled you could no longer use it to harness the energy.
Now, an Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) is used which keeps the area hot.
How Does Geothermal
Energy Affect the Environment?
Geothermal energy is extremely environmentally friendly
No pollution
No greenhouse emissions
The cooled water is re-injected back to where it came from (EGS).
Lifetime of Careers
The energy given off from geothermal energy is unlimited.
Jobs are always available in the geothermal industry.
Some jobs require full attention such as Geothermal plant operators and Engineers.
Scientists -
Environmental scientists and specialists - $87,160
Geoscientists - $77,460
Hydrologists - $75,680
Zoologists - $57,240
Engineers -
Civil Engineers - $84,950
Electrical Engineers - $84,760
Electronic Engineers (excluding computer) - $90,790
Environmental Engineers - $79,530
Mechanical Engineers - $82,230
Drillers (All include oil & gas) -
Derrick Operators - $45,220
Rotary drill operators - $51,310
Roustabouts - $32,980
Construction -
Carpenters - $58,000
Construction Laborers - $43,480
Construction Managers - $95,630
Electricians - $60,310
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters - $68,800
Plant operators - $66,340
Plant operator -
High school diploma.
on-the-job training. (previous experience is recommended.)
Video Time
Part 3: The Business Plan
Executive Summary
Geothermal HVAC
Geothermal is quickly becoming a notable energy source.
Few industries have began using geothermal for residential power
Our company will seek to provide HVAC system installation, maintainance, inspection, and repair services to residential home owners

Geothermal Plant in Florida
Florida is constantly hot enough underground to begin a heating and cooling business
Finding an office location- Broward/Miami-Dade
Little competition
$80-90 thousand anually
Equipment (Installation and Repair)
Typically 20,000-25,000% with a heating and cooling BTU of 60,000 and reduces utility bill by 40%-60%
Energy regulation
Pricing of units/type of unit - Around 3-8K depending on home
Maintenance/Installation costs - Installation is 20,000$ -25,000$; little Maintenance needed
Startup cost/Investors
Partner (to get Geothermal from)
Winter costs are reduced by half, summer costs are free for heating water
Radio advertisments
Online advertisments
Suburbian Florida home owners
Reduce heatihg/cooling bill by upto 50%
Aimed toward upper middle/ middle class
Their ability of self- sufficiency
Partnerships with
Makes you elligible for some grants and tax credits
South Florida


"Take from the core, give nothing back."
Some sources:
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