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White Tail Deer Adaptations

No description

dylan riz

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of White Tail Deer Adaptations

White Tail Deer Adaptations Physical Adaptations Antlers Fur White tail Tough Tongue Behavioral Adaptations Environmental Changes That Could Make This Animal Go Extinct Diet leaves
grass Picky Eaters Whitetail deer prefer the more nourishing foods such
as flowers, grains, tree buds, or anything sweet. One reason for this is that it can lead to a bigger sized deer because of the nutrients in the flowers and buds. The antlers on a white tail deer
are a god send to them for these reasons . Defense
. Mating Same with defense used to defend their mating partner
. Respect, Like who's the biggest, baddest buck out there. The antlers of deer have also become
trophy prizes of deer hunters worldwide They have tough tongues to eat pointy cacti. Marking territory interesting facts whitetail deer swim! Habitat Coyote Over population Whitetail deer live mostly in hardwoods spread out all over the world but they also make homes or " Beds " in open grassy fields and briar patches. Acid Rain Plant Contamination Deadly Virus The white tailed deer is also native to Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. White tailed deer are the most shy and nervous deer Or to eat one of its regular meals; Briars The Whitetail deer uses its
Whitetail to Warn other deer of
danger The Whitetail Deer's Fur is one of its most important features

It is used to keep them warm in the northers states harsh winters •White tailed deer can run up to 30 miles per hour Moving Hours Whitetail deer mostly move at night and early morning Deer mark their territory for many reasons Our Wordle Bedding
Trails/ Paths
Territorial reasons by Hattie and Dylan Mostly because they believe that it is the safest time The acid rain could contaminate the
food or water then kill them if they
ingest the food
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