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The Bahamas

Prezi about the Bahamas

tori bell

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of The Bahamas

The Bahamas The colors on the flag are inspired by:
the sun
the sea & sand
social development
(the places high lighted are the Bahamas) Population
309, 156 Growth Rate:
.5% Birth Rate: 17/1000 Life Expectancy: 65 or 66 Largest City 222,200 people as it's population Nassau Ethnicity African American: Caucasion: Asin/Hispanic: 85% 12% 3% Languages English and Creole Official Language From Haitian immigrants Climate *Summer is From May - September *Winter is from October - April Summer days are hot and muggy Winter is cool and dry Before Traveling... Passport
Birth Certificate
Photo Identification Temperatures average from 70-85 degrees all year long. Casual Summer Wear can be worn in the Bahamas
Shorts Tee-Shirts Flip Flops Suim Suits Jackets; just incase Fact: You are aloud to wear Suim Suits anywhere! Churches, Casinos, and even Restraunts. Currency $$$$$$$$$$ Bahamain Dollar Equivelent to 1 American dollar In the Bahamas they accept Bahamian and American Dollars. Located in the Caribbean. Ya Mon! this means yes. Gift giving... Usually give gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, or other celebrations
Gifts are usually opened when given

MANNERS! Manners are very important in the Bahamas... If you are invited to dinner:
No being late; or more than 15 minutes late.
Dress in nice clothing.
Do not sit down, until you are ivited to sit down.
Do not start eating until hostess(person holding dinner) starts.
Elbows off of the table, hands above the table.
Try to finish most of your food, if not all. So that you don't appear to be waisting your food.

When approching someone, a handshake is acceptable. Use eye contact. Entertainment! going to the beach meeting up with friends most of all, anything to do with music U.S vs Bahamas Tiny islands one big continent one main acent many different accents Talking to a neighbor in the Bahamas they are very humorous.
always humble.

Tori Bell Same as the US they have reasonable speed limits
(even though no one there pays attenion to it)
they have taxies all over.
they drive the same ways on the roads.
Hello this means hello Goodbye this means bye all the same as english...except with an accent Formal wear would be a dress, or suit.
Business Attire If you don't know thier name, use Mr. , Mrs. , or Ms. The End ft. Brennan Durr
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