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Tell me a story

Historical Context

Alighieri Reza

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of Tell me a story

Tell me a story
Tell me what you see
Stop and think about what you are seeing. Create a back story to make sense of what is going on in the image. What are they doing in the pool? Who are they? How can you tell?
Where could this sign be located?
Who could this message be from?
Where are these people and what are they doing?
@HistoryInPics: Apollo 1 crew practicing a water exit in a swimming pool at the Ellington Air Force Base, Texas, 1966.
Two US soldiers proudly show off their personalized "Easter Eggs" in France, 1945. Colorized by Mads Madsen.
The World Trade Center
World Trade Center during the holiday season, circa 1995.
Great Wall
Outside heavily visited sections, there is the “wild wall,” where much of the decay is taking place.
Historians tell stories
A historian gathers information and tells a story, but makes sure that it is told in context. Be a historian and tell a story about what you know most, you.

Create an image(s) that demonstrates the historical context of your life.

Think about people, places and events that have impacted/shaped your life.
(In context of course)
Historical Context
This is a tool that historians use to tell you a story, but not just a snippet of a story but to help you better understand the "big picture".

Without historical context, you would only get a small piece of the puzzle that is history, let us explore this idea with actual pictures!
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