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History of Goldfish

No description

Carter Bloxsom

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of History of Goldfish

History of Goldfish
As we all know, the majestic goldfish is a common poop factory in most houses. But did you know the goldfish has a much more interesting past? Lets dive in to explore: Goldfish genetics
Chinese origin
The first variation of goldfish began in ancient china, when various species of carp were domesticated and bred for food. Some began to show gold and yellow mutations, starting in the Jin dynasty.
Tang dynasty
In the Tang dynasty, it became popular to raise carp in water gardens and ornamental ponds. A natural genetic mutation caused some carp to be gold, leading some to breed just for the gold variety.
Song dynasty
By the song dynasty, goldfish breeding was firmly established.In 1162, the empress of the Song Dynasty ordered the construction of a pond to collect the red and gold variety. By this time, people outside the imperial family were forbidden to keep goldfish of the gold (yellow) variety, yellow being the imperial color. This is the reason there are more orange than yellow goldfish. The other colors like red were recorded in 1276.
Ming dynasty
In the Ming dynasty, goldfish began to be raised indoors, losing genetic traits only available outside. The Ming dynasty was also the first occurrence of the fan tailed goldfish. Goldfish in the Ming dynasty were later introduced to Japan, Portugal, and Europe. Later variants like the brain goldfish were created when selective breeders bred them.
Variants of goldfish
There are several broad categories goldfish are categorized in. Crucian goldfish have no special features. Wen goldfish have fancy tails. Dragon eye goldfish have extended eyes. And egg goldfish who have no dorsal fin.
My superhuman
As with goldfish, my superhuman also went through a drastic change. And im not talking about puberty. Goldfish developed mutations after years and years of breeding, but my super human was changed instantly. If my super human was real, it would take millions of years for a human to become my monstrosity.
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