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Olive Gummerson

No description

kari leach

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Olive Gummerson

Olive Gummerson
Thank you!
Any Questions?
One strength I had was getting a high score on a reading test. I got an 89% which was the highest reading score ever.

Another strength is that I
got a really good score for the math project about the road trip :).
Respect 5 I am Respectful to my friends and peers
Responsibility 5 Only got CP 2 times
Courage 4 I show courage most of the time
Curiosity 5 I am curious all the time
Integrity 5 Never tell lies
Doing Your Best 4 Because I don’t show my best handwriting
Reading: B Writing: A
Math:A P.E:A+ Art A+ Music A+
Social Studies B

Reading class is my weakness because I have a C in Infinite Campus in Reading. :(


A growth I had was I got a 83.33% on a Social Studies FA


And by the end of Tri 2 I raised my reading grade to a B
And, After The IA's results were back, I got a 100% on the reading IA which was the hardest one.
Grade Promotion.
I think I should go to 8th because i ave really good grades. During the IAs i was able to get 100 percent . This score shows that I am able to go to 8th grade . I should also be able to go to 8 th grade because of the cps that i have earned last trimester showing that i can go to 8 grade.
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