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B06 ALP -ICPNA - Miss Tania Monrroy

No description

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of B06 ALP -ICPNA - Miss Tania Monrroy

The possibilities
are for personal and in-pair
ALP for

1 Vacation time
You are a team of Public Relations Representatives that is promoting tourism in a particular country.
Using visual aids, convince the audience that your country is worth going to. Talk about the different types of weather and the activities for tourists.
2 My favorite hero
Present your favorite hero.
Describe the person’s life and tell
why you admire him or her.

3 My last vacation
What to consider.....?
•Your evaluation is strictly according to your
course level ( B06 level) , more complicated grammar or vocabulary
be considered.
Your presentation is also evaluated according the use
of complete ideas, creativity and complexity on how you elaborate and present your project.

It's crucial that your presentation includes
the new grammar,
vocabulary and expressions covered during the course (see the language summary available in your book for more reference).

Describe your last vacation trip.
Talk about what you saw, visited, ate, bought,
and how you felt.

VO Max
The ability of muscle to consume oxygen in metabolism, and the combined abilities of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to deliver oxygen to the muscle mitochondria, are reflected in VO2 max.
The most widely accepted measure of aerobic fitness.
During the 3-4 hours after a meal, there is an ample supply of metabolic fuel entering circulation from the gut.
Glucose from CHO digestion
Amino Acids from PRO digestion
Are absorbed into portal circulation where the liver controls the amount that enters peripheral circulation.

The products of fat digestion are absorbed into the lymphatic system as chylomicrons and are available to peripheral tissues before the liver exerts control. Much of the triacylglycerol in chylomicrons goes directly to adipose tissue for storage; when there is plentiful supply of glucose this is the main metabolic fuel for all tissues.
Basis behind CHO loading
Post absorptive state begins about 4-5 hours after a meal, when the products of digestion have been absorbed.
During this period metabolic fuels enter circulation from the reserves of glycogen, triacylglycerol and protein laid down in the fed state.
As the concentration of glucose and amino acids in the portal blood falls, the secretion of insulin is reduced and the secretion of glucagon is increased.
The reduction in the secretion of glucose results in a reduced rate of glucose uptake into muscle, and a reduced rate of protein synthesis, so that the amino acids arising from protein turnover are available from gluconeogenesis.
The metabolic problem with the fasting state is that the brain and red blood cells are entirely reliant on glucose as a metabolic fuel, therefore, those other tissues (such as the muscle) utilize other fuels in order to spare glucose for the brain and red blood cells.
In order to combat this from occurring endurance athletes use CHO loading to build up there glycogen stores to ensure they will have an adequate supply of glucose to see them through the event.
Personal presentation
Personal presentation
In-pair presentation
Ways of presentation
Presentation can be presented using

PowerPoint Presentations ( will be uploaded 3 days before the day of the presentation).
Poster and visual aids( printed pictures with a correct size , so all of us can see and understand the presentation)
Any other thing not mentioned , just let me know.
0 Project different from the topic, no pictures, reading all the time.

1 No pictures, read almost all the time, low tone of voice

2 Reads sometimes, hard to understand, bad grammar structure in some sentences.

3 Great, outstanding, not reading at all and poster with pictures
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