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Steam Whistle

No description

Deepa Agarwal

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle
HRM Profile

Brewing company located in the Distillery District, Downtown Toronto
Created in 1998
Operating for 12 years
Corporate Social Responsibility (Green Initiative)
126 employees as of 2011 (non-unionized)
Local for tours
Local and international for product
Ex: Cool, Molson, Mill St.
Analysis & Job Description
Analysis: based on industry job descriptions – National Occupation Classification (government)
Job Descriptions:
Straight forward and simple
Full-Time employment for Supervisory and Management Roles
Part-Time employment for tour guides and some line staff
Sample Job Descriptions: http://steamwhistle.ca/contact/career-detail.php?j=12
Major Challenge: Growth across Canada and the company response
Difficult to maintain open communication and culture with size
Internal recruiting can be a challenge
Ensure maintenance of employee diversity with growth
Manual Recruitment and Selection Process
No formal Job Analysis
Hiring Practices
Internal recruiting can limit new ideas and innovation, create corporate inbreeding, and favouritism
Internal recruiting creates gaps elsewhere in the company ladder that need to be filled

Internal recruiting promotes the employee culture
Equal opportunity employer creates diversity and allows for a larger talent pool, increasing human capital
Job enrichment
Hiring practices contribute to culture
Substantial monetary and non-monetary benefits
Proactive Legal Practices

Deepa Agarwal
Janet May
Nicholas Polaczek
Jessica Zurawicki

Organizational Structure
Horizontal structure that minimizes bureaucracy
Family oriented culture with open communication
Human Resource Department: consists of one manager who reports directly to the CFO

Job Design
Job Characteristics Model

Skill Variety: employees are exposed to the production line, retail store, and on the road sales
Task Identity: layout of the factory – production line employees can see customers enjoying the beer and communicate with consumers (tours)
Task Significance: employees are empowered by the culture and made to feel important (tours)
Autonomy: limited partially due to type of work
Feedback: Supervisor and consumer praise
Regular reviews with employees to go over performance

Recruitment & Selection
Largely internal – employee referrals, transfers, and promotions
Senior level positions: Mainly Internal
Entry level positions:
Social media sites, company website
Interviews: Non-Conventional
Example: theatre-style audition for tour guides and entry level staff
Person-fit job is critical
"Good Beer Folks"
Hire based on attitude over skill

Training & Development
When an employee is first hired, they are socialized with every department
Online Courses
Paid Educational Courses
Growth Opportunities
Many internal promotions that give employees the opportunity for advancement
Reviews with employees to set goals and go over performance
Employee Turnover: High Retention (operating for 12 years and 50% of employees have been there since the opening day)

Recommendations 1
Encourage some senior level employees to relocate (incentives)
Hire externally additional senior positions and entry level staff well in advance
Succession Planning & Replacement Charts
Promotional opportunities with relocation
Liaisons for cultural integration across facilities
Manual Recruitment and Selection Process
Applicant Tracking Systems to make the process more efficient
Needed with an increase in size; more applicants

Recommendations 2
Job Analysis
Task Inventory, PAQS, Competency-based
Hiring Practices
“Fake Proof” Personality tests and cognitive ability tests are better performance indicators (before structured interview)
May be a better indicator for person-job fit
Structured Interview practices should be made more objective

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