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Zora E

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of FORESTS!!!


Temperate Forests
Temperate forests are found in places that have moderate climates with warm summers and cool winters. "Temperate woodland grows mainly in the northern hemisphere, such as central and northern United States." (Ganeri, 10-11)
African Jungle

When you think of jungles, you might think of scary things. However, when you think of a rainforest,you may think of colorful flowers, cute little monkeys, and other positive things. But rainforests and jungles are the same thing! "A rain forest is sometimes called a jungle,which means a tangle of trees."(Ganeri, 20-21)The rain forests floor is dark and gloomy.Trees need to grow tall to get sunlight from the sun! However all of the colorful things in the rainforests still do exist!!
Boreal Forests
Boreal forests grow in the cold, dry, north where winters almost never end and are very harsh. "Eastern North America and Russia are perfect examples of the climates they need to survive."(Ganeri, 26-27) In Russia, boreal forests are called taigas, which means dark and mysterious woodlands.
Tropical Rain Forests

Tropical rain forests grow near the equator, in Africa, South America and Asia. " Some are even found in Australia and the Caribbean, but they're much smaller. " (Ganeri, 6-7) Why are they so far away from the other tropical rainforest? Well, long ago,– when Pangea was existing– Australia and the Caribbean were near the other continents with tropical rainforests. When the tectonic plates spread apart, the climates changed and the tropics in Australia and the Caribbean decreased in size.

Forests are a big part of what we need to survive. Even though some people don't realize it,we're slowly taking away what we need the most! They provide us with many resources, such as food, medicines and timber.
Forests grow all over the world, covering up about one-third of the Earth's continental crust. There are four main types of forests: temperate, tropical, african, and last but not least, boreal. (Ganeri, 2-3)

How does this relate to "The World Around Us?"
All over the world, forests are being cut down. However, it's not only the rain forests that are in danger. The boreal forests and the temperate woodlands are noticeably vanishing. Forests are being cut down and cleared for many reasons, for instance, timber, farming, and cattle ranching. Even though people need these things, lots of animals are in danger because of our desires. This is causing rapid deaths to more than one-billion species. It is estimated that, in rain forests alone, one hundred species at the least of plants and animals are disappearing every week.
If that's not enough, the land cleared for cattle ranching is only productive for a few years. Then the ranch is moved and another area of forest has to be cleared. (Ganeri 29-31)
Work Cited
Ganeri, Anita.
New York: Gareth Stevens Publishing,
2003. 1-32. Print.
What are the four types of forests?

Temperate, Tropical, Boreal, and African.
Why are our forests decreasing rapidly?

Although natural disasters can destroy our forests, the rapid decrease is caused by humans. We continue to repeatedly clear out the forests for our own personal use.
Can colorful frogs hurt you?

Essentially, all brightly colored frogs are posioniuos. You must be very cautious when near one.
What I Learned
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