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Bianca Iglesias

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of ALGONQUIN

Algonquin Art
For art, Algonquins did many kinds. Some include body art and tools. Algonquins only used items that were found in nature, like birch, animal hides and wood. Algonquins used many materials to make baskets. Some of the materials were sweetgrass, ash and birch bark. To make a birch bark basket the bark was moistened and it got molded into whatever shape they wanted. It was then sewn up together with animal sinew. They then decorated the baskets with porcupine quills. Body art was also another thing Algonquins did, with the use of dyes. Body painting was often done for special occasions. The dyes they used always came from nature. The dyes also came in a variety of colours like yellow, red and black. Everyone that applied dyes to the body and face had a different and unique pattern. The women would do most of the work like finding making and applying the dyes. The dyes would also be stored in a envelope made of birch bark.
i hope you liked my prezi !
Algonquins mainly relied on food provided by nature. Deer and moose were known as staple meats for the Algonquin. Smaller animals such as rabbits and birds were hunted as well. The meats were usually eaten alone or put in soups and stews. To store the meat for winter it was combined with berries and dried to make pimikan. Algonquins ate this when animals were hard to hunt. Algonquins had a very specific diet. The salads they made had multiple ingredients and the dressing was maple syrup and sunflower seed oil. They also made a variety of soups. One of the soups was called paganens and it was used with hazelnuts. Algonquins also ate berries, they could be eaten fresh or with other foods. Snowberries were often used to make tea.
Following animal herds was very important to the Algonquins, these animals were one of there food sources, they also provided clothes for the Algonquins. Some of the animals that provided the clothes were moose, deer, beaver, muskrat and bear. The Algonquins need clothing for a large range of weather. During the summer men wore loincloths, or pieces of moose or deer hide.
Women had sleeveless, tunic style dresses, also made from hides. Headgear was another part of Algonquin clothing. Headdresses were sometimes worn for celebrations, ceremonies or just for decoration. The men often wore a headdress called a hair roach. This was a strip of porcupine hair that was on the back of the head. Sometimes roaches had feathers for decoration. Algonquins also wore moccasins made from animal hides.
3 Fun Facts
Algonquins are a first nation that lived in Ottawa along the boarder of Ontario Quebec. The Algonquins moved there about 600 years ago.
Algonquins used animal bones
and skins to make tools.
Algonquins lived in what was called a wigwam. Wigwams were made out of trees and bark. Wigwams were always built in a dome-like
enjoy this video on how to build a wigwam !!!!!!
here are a few pictures !!!!!
By Bianca Iglesias
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