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Unit 5: Photography

Unit 5: Photography photo-shopped.

Sanjana Raman

on 10 March 2012

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Transcript of Unit 5: Photography

Leading Lines Before! After! Before! Before! Before! Before! Before! After! After! After! After! After! 1. I used the crop tool to crop
2. I pressed enter! What did I do? A picture of the grass field with the path in the gass as the horizontal line. Effect: Crop Tool A big pole which is the vertical line and other things around it. 1. I used the magnetic lasso to crop out each thing seperately
2. Each time I cropped something, I went to Image: Adjustments: Levels, and made it a different color.
3. This is my result! Effect: Image Levels A picture of the benches on the sand, in the highest aperture. 1. I made a hue/saturation layer over my picture.
2. I set the saturation to -100
3. I made sure the painting color was black
4. I painted overthe polo beause i wanted that in colour. Effect: Image Levels What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? 1. I rotated it on a 6.75 degree angle clockwise.
2. I cropped out the benches with the crop tool
3. I got a straight bench! 1. Make a photo filter layer over my picture
2. Make the color of it pink 1. I used the magnetic lasso tool to crop out the bead
2. I went to imgae: adjustments: levels and made it purple
3. I went to levels again and made the uncropped part of the picture a darker shade of purple Effect: Effect: Effect: Straighten a Photo Black and White with Color Photo Filter A golden bead on the sand, zoomed right up close. This is picture of the track leading to the yellow school buses A picture of a polo on the floor.
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