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Why Powerpoint Is Better Than Prezi

No description

Jesse Lewis

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Why Powerpoint Is Better Than Prezi

Is Simple
$13.25 a month?
$159.00 a year?
Prezi Owners
We are taught how to use it at an early age.
We known how to use it.
Why switch now when we can use PowerPoint simply?
Too Much Zoom
Why PowerPoint Is Better Than Prezi
Yes, Prezi has a few pros, but powerpoint is far superior.
Prezi Is Too Expensive
It can make users feel dizzy.
Can be overused.
Don't get dizzy with PowerPoint transitions.
PowerPoint Is More Professional
PowerPoint Looks Professional
That's like 16 grams of devil's lettuce man!
Prezi Is For Kids
PowerPoint User
Prezi User
PowerPoint PRINTS!!
See What This Guy Thinks About
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