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Florence Nightingale

No description

Keisha Gordon

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale (1820 - 1910)
Crimean War
In early 1850's, Florence Nightingale took a nursing job in London and got promoted to superintendent within a year of being hired. This position was extremly hard but not as difficult as what she was about to face.
Crimean War
Although Florence and the the group of nurses were warned about the horrible conditions there they did not believe that it would be this bad. in the hospital there were bugs, rodents, patients unattended and the most important of supplies were scarce such as soap, medicine, bandages and even water.
Once the Crimean war was at last over in 1856, she returned to her childhood home in Lea Hurst. She was given a Idol's welcome that modest Florence tried to avoid. The Queen presented Nightingale with $250,000 and a brooch which came to be known as the "Nightingale Jewel".

Florence did not spend the money but she used the money to found St. Thomas Hospital and Nightingale training school for Nurses. Florence Nightingale became a heroine and in her honor, songs and plays were performed in her honor.
Florence Nightingale and Mary
Florence Nightingale was an inspirational woman and nurse; she showed courage when she said yes to go to the Crimean war. In Luke 1:37-39 Mary had the courage and trust in God to say "yes" just as Florence Nightingale did.
" How very little can be done under the spirit of fear"
Florence Nightingale
Early Life
Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy in 1830 on the 20 of May. She was born into a rich and well known family. Florence mother's name is Frances, her father is called William Shore Nightingale and she has one sister, Frances Parthenope Verney.

From a young age, Florence Nightingale showed a passion to tend to the sick however, her mother disagreed and wanted her to become a merchant just like her.

By the time she was 16 years old, it was clear to her that nursing was her calling.
Mrs Frances Nightingale with her daughters Parthenope and Florence
During October in 1853, the Crimean War broke out. Due to low staff, thousands of British soldiers died. But in 1854, Nightingale received a letter from the secretary of war asking her to organize a group of nurses to help the sick and injured in Crimea. She immediately reacted to this and organized a group of 34 nurses and sailed to Crimea a couple of days later.
Florence Nightingale and all the other nurses set to work, Florence spent all of her time taking care of the soldiers day and night. In the night time she walked her rounds taking care of the soldiers with a lamp in one hand. People admired her compassion and called her the "Lady with the lamp" or "The angel of Crimea". She reduced the death rate by two thirds in a hospital of 8,000 men. Because of her heroic efforts, Florence Nightingale is a woman that we admire.
Later Life
In her later life, Florence Nightingale fell ill with the Crimean fever but her desire to cure patients kept her working until she was housebound by the age of 38.
Nightingale recovered from her sickness in 1910 5Th of August. But a week prior to this, she had many symptoms and sadly died on the next day at 2pm.
Although the public wanted to honor her with a national funeral, Florence Nightingale asked that her funeral be a quiet event and turned down the national funeral. "The lady with the lamp now lays at rest in her family's estate.
William Shore Nightingale
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