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Future Dreams

No description

Ali Russo

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Future Dreams

Dream Jobs Anthropology Journalism Screen Writer #1 Choice
University of
Michigan Colleges Columbia University
New York City Iowa University
Iowa City Cornell University
Ithica Play soccer Hard, well know college Many degree programs Kalamazoo Promise Goals for Next Year Senior Year 2012 1. Keep Studing Hard 2. Take Hard Classes (AP) 3. Do my Homework (Don't be LAZY) 4. Have fun! Getting Ready For College! 1. Keep Grades up 2. Talk to family about college 3. Research Colleges 4. Think of what I like 5. Take Classes that I like 6. Apply For College What I Am Doing Now! Taking AP Classes Taking Classes I Ejoy Take New Types of Classes,
like slam poetry, ceramics Volunteer Keeping All my Options Open Doing Tons of Sports
AND am Involved Extra Activities Reading
keeping track on current politics Major and Minors *Anthropology *Journalism *Writing/English *Religion *Physics *Math *History Future Plans High School College Life *Plan to take journalism class,
along with many different english classes
to see what type of writting I like. *Taking AP classes that go only my possible Major and Minors
Calc, Phyic, Lang, and Comparitive gov *Plan to volunteer more
Also get involved more in school activities *Start applying to Colleges
Looking at camps that could be a possible career path *Keep Playing Sports! 1. Play College Soccer 2. Go in with a Undecided Major
(Keep options open) 3.Pick Major for sophomore year 5.Get My degree 6. Maybe go back to get my Masters 4.Study abroad 1.Get a job that deals with my major/minor 2.If that doesn't work find a job that I love to do. 3. Everything else is still a mystery :) Biggest Dream To Play Pro Soccer! History/Plans
for soccer! Started when I was 6 Played on three teams at once Played for the State team Play College Soccer Play on Simi Pro Leagues Turn Pro, go to the Olympics Settle Down! If I do become a pro soccer player
it would be right out of college... I would fall back on my College Major and hopefully have new ideas about things I like to do. AND I COULD ... Start a family Be my own boss Travel the world Write a book Or like Moodle Says
.... Who Knows!!
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