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The Finish of Patsy Barnes

No description

John Scott

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of The Finish of Patsy Barnes

Author and More

The Finish of Patsy Barnes is a story written by Paul Dunbar. This story does not give to much background info about him but I am sure he has been making short stories for a while by the way he writes.
Some major characters are Patsy and his mom Eliza. Some minor characters are Patsy's dad and Brackett the horse owner. The antagonist is Patsy, an outgoing and hard working teenager. The protagonist is money and his mother's sickness because they both cause him problems
"Patsy was incorrigible. Even into the confines of Little Africa had penetrated the truant officer..." (pg. 193)
This story takes place during a time when doctors came to your house, and black people were still abused. It mostly takes place inside Patsy's house and the Horse Race Tracks.
"In fact, he lived on Douglass Street." (pg.192)
Point of view

The whole story is mainly told in the 3rd person omniscient. The narrator knows all the peoples thoughts and ideas. This makes it a 3rd person story.
"His name was Patsy Barnes, and he was a denizen of Little Africa." (pg.192)
"The Finish of Patsy Barnes"
Basic Plot

The biggest conflict in this story is his mother getting a case of pneumonia. The doctor that they had did not really care for poor customers. This led to him having to get more money to get a new doctor with better medications. The problem is it was hard to get money at that time.
".. hard work and exposure brought the woman down to bed with pneumonia." (pg.194
Exposition: Patsy and Eliza Barnes, Patsy's house and horse tracks.

Rising Action: Patsy's mom is sick and she needs a doctor. The doctor they get is not very good. Patsy tries to get his mom a better doctor.

Climax: Patsy gets into a race at the horse tracks.

Falling action: Patsy gets into a very tough race but wins.

Resolution: Patsy's mom gets a better doctor.
I believe the theme of the story is some of the bad things in life can turn out good. In the story the horse he races killed his father, but he needs money to save his mother and this is the only horse he can race. It turns out he wins the race with the horse and gets money to save his mom. This shows the horse killed his father but redeemed himself by saving his mother.
"The horse that has taken away his father shall give him back his mother." (pg.199)
Literary Technique
Hyperbole: "...you rode like you were kin to that hoss! We've won! We've one!" (pg.199)

Simile: "The stallion leaps away like a flash..." (pg.199)

Imagery: "He knew that glossy coat. He knew that raw boned frame and those flashing nostrils." (pg.197)
The mood of this passage is a sad but joyful feel. At the beginning it turns out sad because his mom gets diagnosed with pneumonia. It gradually gets better and more suspenseful as he gets in the race and wins the money to save his mom.
"The little fellow had shed no tears when he looked at his father's bleeding body, bruised and broken by the fiery young two-year-old he was trying to subdue." (pg.13-194)
New vocab
compulsory- required
meager- a small amount
diplomatic- showing skill in dealing with people.
hoodoo- someone or something that causes bad luck.
paddocks- enclosed area near a stable in which horses are exercised
Red literature book
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