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Food of Catal huyuk

No description

Annie Wang

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Food of Catal huyuk

Food of Catal huyuk
what did Catal huyuk people
did to have food
Catal hoyuk may have been one of first place were people started growing food- They don't simply hunting and gathering for their meals.
People of Catal hoyuk were graining skill in agriculture and the domestcation as well
The grains and fruit were harvested from tree in the surrounding hills.
What they ate
People eat during the Neolithic is to look at the ancient seeds that are found in soil at the site.
Sheep were domesticated and evidence suggests the beginning of cattle domeshcation as well.
People in the region of southwestern Asia, induce Catal hoyuk learn how to domesticated animals such as goat and sheep
People ate weat,barley,and rice. Peas were also grown almonds,and pistachios.
What thing did they help to get food
They needed new tools for food, so they developed new tools, such as fish hooks,etc.
They used heavy grinding stones and places to bake the flat bread they made out of floor
Planting, tending end harvesting of crops required groups of people to work together.
The artifact about food is...
This artifact is meaningful this time people can eat like soup, because if they don't have the one Containers can hold water they can not boil water, more impossible to cook soup.
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