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Investing In Our Future

No description

Emily Piercey

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Investing In Our Future

Investing In Our Future
Membership Revenue
Member Services Revenue
Fitness/Wellness Revenue
Total Revenue
By The
Open CRC
15 FT Staff
Rec Rewards Permanent Program
Fit Leads at Fitness Center
Rec Centers so Awesome They Will Make You Want To Workout
SACUB Funds Coordinator IM/Camp
Launched Rec Rewards Pilot Program
Best of the City
10 University Fitness Centers to Fit In Your Schedule
#1 Most Amazing Rec Center
Largest PT employer with 300 student and contract staff
Hiring Freeze
Down 8 FT Staff
Open Fitness Center
Hiring Freeze Lifted
Restructured with 12 FT Staff
Proposed Org Chart

Associate Director of Facilities & Ops
Associate Director of Programs
Assistant Director of Member Services
Assistant Director of Facilities & Ops
Coordinator of Member Services
Coordinator of Member Services
Coordinator of Facilities & Ops

Coordinator of Aquatics

Assistant Director of Aquatics

Assistant Director of IMs & Camps

Coordinator of IMs & Camps

Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness
Coordinator of Fitness & Wellness
Coordinator of Fitness & Wellness
Assistant Director Member Services

PG 18
Coordinator Member Services

Coordinator Member Services
PG 16
PG 16
Member Services Staff
Faculty/staff orientations & Rec Rewards recruitment
Affiliate relationships & fairs
Managing entrance for members, guests, special groups, & tours
Membership applications & all related paperwork
External marketing and benchmarking
Customer service
Coordinators of Member Services
Revenue and expense budget
Rec Rewards
Membership strategic planning
Maintain CSI, Setup, Reports, Customer relationship management
Social media
Surveys and focus groups

Member Services Leads & Front Office Staff
Membership cancellations & freezes
Membership retention including Member Appreciation Week & Member Spotlight
Billing, AR collections, & declines
Pro Shop, Lockers, Towel Service, Equipment Checkout

Coordinator Fitness/Wellness Programs
PG 16
Assistant Director Fitness/Wellness
PG 18
Coordinator Fitness/Wellness Services
PG 16
Program Budget
Group Fitness, Specialized, CCHMC Classes, Customized Fitness Programming
Staff – Hire, Train, Develop, Evaluate
Marketing Projects

Financial Oversight
Coordinators of Fitness/Wellness
Fitness Leads & Fitness Floor Coordinators
Staff – Hire, Train, Develop, Evaluate
Strategic Planning
Rec Rewards, Healthy U, Smart Start
Customized Fitness Client Acquisition
Health Fairs

Services Budget
Personal Training, Nutrition, Pilates, Massage/Reiki, Customized Fitness
Staff – Hire, Train, Develop, Evaluate
Marketing Projects

Member Services
Fitness & Wellness
Year Growth
Increase in number of PT/Nutrition sessions from 1,500 to 5,500
Group Fit/Specialized Class Participation from 10,000 to 44,000
Increase Number of Group Fit/Specialized Classes from 200 to 370
Unique Participants in Specialized Classes increased from 180 to 350
To do:
Member Engagement
Customized Programming
Expanded Nutrition Services

To Do:
Rec Rewards
Member Retention
60,000 transactions
$2 Million
7 POS terminals
750,000 members & guests/year

40 student employees/semester

141 on-going programs & services
+ promos & events
2200 annual memberships

3500 short term
Collect over $9,500 in member account receivable per year
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