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To Kill a Mockingbird: Map of Maycomb

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Noah Sherrill

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird: Map of Maycomb

To Kill a MockingBird: Map of Maycomb
By: Noah Sherrill
The Finch's house
This is where Scout, Jem, Atticus, and Calpurnia, the cook all live in this house of the main character.
Text Evidence: pg. 6
Tree House
this tree house is scout's and Jem's and it is their routine contentment to improve it.
"Routine contentment was to improve our treehouse that rested between giant twin chinaberry trees in the backyard."

text evidence: pg. 8
2nd. Street

2nd Street
Radley's House
the home of the radley's, and the malevolent phantom.
The Radley place jutted into a sharp curve beyond our house. Walking South one faced its porch; the sidewalk turned and ran beside the lot.
Text Evidence: pg 8
Street light pole
The marker where Dill stopped while "going" to the Radley's House.
"In spite of our warnings, and explanations it drew him as the moon draws water but drew him no nearer than the light-pole on the corner."
Text Evidence: pg. 8
Elementary School
This is the School in which Scout goes and Boo Radley goes to school only once a year because he scares the staff and the students
"As we trotted passed the corner of the Radley place and slowed to a rock by the school yard."
text evidence: pg. 15,16
Town Square
The O.K. cafe was a dim orginazation on the north side of the square. pg. 101
this is a tired old town, first one knew it, in rainy weather the roads turn to red slop, the grass turns to mildew, and the courthouse sits sloppily in the town square.......ch. 1
This is restaurants in maycomb.
"The O.K Cafe was a dim organization in the north side of the square.
The Courthouse
Maycomb County Jail
This is where tom robinson ends up after the trial ended and the jury found him guilty, even though he was innocent.
"It did not sit on a lone hill, it was wedged between Maycomb county tribune and the hardware store."
Tyndal's Hardware Store
This is the hardware store of Maycomb county. It sits by the jail and the maycomb county tribune.
"The Jail sits in-between tyndals hardware store and the maycomb county tribune, in the northwest corner of the square."
Atticus' office.
His office was in the courthouse but then later moved to the bank.
"Atticus' office was in the courthouse when he began his law practice, but after several years, he moved to the quieter quarters in the maycomb county bank building.
pg. 150
Pg. 150
Miss Maudie's house
The home of Miss Maudie, neighbor of the Finch's, a widow, and an old friend of the family.
"When Atticus came home for dinner he found me crouched down by the window, what are you looking for", he asked, "Miss Maudie's rear end"
pg. 97
Stephanie Crawford's house
This is the home of Miss Stephanie Crawford, a mean lady who is also the town gossip.
"the fire truck stopped in front of Miss Stephanies Crawford's house."
pg. 71
Rachael Haverford's house
Dill's aunt, lives next door to the Finch's.
"We leaped over the driveway wall, cut through Miss Rachael's side yard."
pg. 149
collard patch
Rachael Haverford's collord patch.
Jem and I heard something next door in miss rachael collard patch.
Rachael's Fish Pond
This is Dill's Aunt's fish pond that he, Scout and Jem sat by in the beginning of chapter 6.
"We asked our father if we could sit with dill at Miss Rachaels fish pond. We hopped over the driveway wall that seperated our yards."
Pg. 50
Mrs. Dubose's house
This is the home of the mean, bitter Mrs. Dubose. She is extremely mean and yells at the kids whenever they pass her house. But, she has a morphine addiction. Jem also clipps her bushes.
"Mrs. Dubose lives two houses to the north of the finch's. lives eight houses away from the post office.
"Miss Dubose lives 8 houses down from it and the children have to pass her house everytime they go to the post office."
pg. 100
Cecil Jacob's house
This is the home of Cecil Jacob, she got in a fight with scout after making fun of her father defending a black person in trial.
"She lives one house South of the Post-Office."
Avery's House
he is an overwight neighbor who tells Jem and Scout that the weather changes because of bad kids.
"mr avery is going to the bathroom off the side of the house!"
White Camellias
These are in the front of Miss Dubose's house. Jem destroys them one day, his consequence is that he has to go read to her everyday for a month.
"he would not rest until he cut every one of the camellias off of her bushes in her front lawn."
Pg. 103
The Deer's Pasture
"We ran across the schoolyard, crawled under the fence to the deer pasture behind our house"
pg. 54
knot-hole tree
tree that scout and jem find stuff in, they suspect that Boo Radley is putting things in it because it is in-front of his house.
"where did you get that blanket?", said Atticus. "I got it from the knot-hole tree",said scout. "I think that boo radley is putting that stuff in there becuse it is in front of his house."
pg. 72
this is where atticus works and where tom robinsons trial was at. Atticus moved from the courthouse to quieter quarters in the bank. In 1847, the courthouse burned down and the only thing that remained was the pillars, the new courthouse was rebuilt around it.
"You can tell that maycomb is a run-down town when there is rainy weather...the roads turn to a soppish red, the grass turns to a mildew green and the courthouse looks very run-down."
Main Residential Street
Main Residential Street
Maycomb Tribune

Run by Mr. Underwood who also lives in it, on the second story above it.
"The Jail is wedged between the hardware store and the Maycomb tribune. They are in the nohwest corner of the square."
Pg. 150
Pg. 150
The Drugstore
"The drugstore is in the business section of the town square."
chapter 10
V.J. Elmore's
"We headed into town, I want that baton in V.J. Elmore's."
Pg. 100
High way High way
Dirt Road
The town dump
In the negro community off a dirt road in a highway, the ewell's house is behind it.
pg. 239
Negro Settlement
a bad area, where the black and poor people lived.
"Off the highway, by the dump and past the Ewell residence, down the narrow lane to the Negro cabins."
page 239
Ewell house
the poorest white people in all of maycomb. lives in a very run-down house with tin cans for a roof. It is barely a house, and is behind a dumster.
"Off the highway, by the dump and past the Ewell residence, down the narrow lane to the Negro cabins."
pg. 239
"Off the highway, by the dump and past the Ewell residence, down the narrow lane to the Negro cabins."
Maycomb County Bank
This is where Atticus' new office is because he wanted quieter quarter's, so he moved from the courthouse.
"When we rounded the corner of the square, we saw the car parked in front of the bank."
pg. 150
Jitney Jungle
"We streaked across the square and across the street until we were at the doors of the Jitney Jungle."
pg. 151
pg. 101
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