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Tragedy and Comedy

No description

Brittany Johnson

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Tragedy and Comedy

Comedy & Tragedy Comedy A story of the rise in fortune
of a sympathetic character. 3 common types of comedy... 1. Farce
Zaniness, slapstick humor, hilarious improbability,
wild coincidenes, endless twists and complications. 2. Romantic Comedy Most popular plot, in which 2 well matched lovers are united but somehow torn away from or kept apart. In the end they find away to be together. 3. Satirical Comedy Character include, con-artists, criminals, tricksters, two-timers Archetypal theme...
A reocuring theme. Its already been used or something is similar to another famous story. examples.. Death, Faustian bargan, pride, fate, punishment, blindness, madness, forbinen love, patricide, incest. Tragedy! A dramatic composition, often dealing with a serious or somber theme. normally a great person destined through a flaw of character of conflict with some overpowering force as fate or society to downfall or distruction. What does it mean...
the word tragedy comes from... the greek word "tragos" meaning goat. And "ode" meaning song famous playwrights to use them! Acschylus...
Euripecles... Examples!!!! The Supplicants
Oedipusp rex
The Children of Heracles Influence on our contempoary plays. Tragedys in earlier days were based off of myths, tragedys we have now are almost based off of real life such as suicide, 9/11, war, and so forth. Characteristics... Audiance moved to feel pitty
Low tolerance of disorder
Convergent thinking
Spirit Preference for the familiar
Low tolerance for ambiguity
Uncriticle thinking
Emotional engagment
Seriousness plot twist! something magical happens
someone dies how has theater changed?
the design has changed, it went from being a round opened arena with no curtains, and has evolved to day where most of the times theater is preformed in a building with curtains. Also women were not allowed to prefrom back then, only men. now a days everyone can preform. most important according to mr. Ihrke => Famous playwright of Comedy..
Menander. . . . "The Grouch, Desperately Seeking Justice, Closely Cropped Locks, The Girl from Samos, The Shield"
Aristophane. . .The Acharnians
Sophocles. . . Philoctetes How comedy came to be.
comedy originated with the KOMOS, a curious and improbable spectacle in which a company of festive males sang, and danced. what is a Satyrs?
troop of male companions. Faint hearted- folk, dangerous yet shy and cowardly. Characteristics
Contains blunders, uglieness, sexual related jokes, political attacks. <=death.
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