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The Bobath Concept

the founders and developments

Won Kyu Lee

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of The Bobath Concept

The assumptions were developed empirically to explain
the observed signs and symptoms of the patients
at that time 1945-1975.
Review the history
the Bobath Concept

Current theory underpinning
the Bobath Concept

The founders and development
Berta Bobath was a pioneer

Developed her own assessment

Based on movement dysfunction rather than diagnosis

Recognised the postural component of functional movement

Initial assumptions
System Theory
Historical view
" New "
" Old "
Historical view
Cortex in Charge
Tracts - hard wire
Reflex activity
Stimulus response
Spinal Cord
Hierarchical Model
The Bobath Concept
The Bobath Concept is a problem solving approach to
the assessment and treatment of individuals with
disturbances of function, movement and postural
control caused by lesions of the central nervous
system (CNS).

Treatment is an interaction between therapist and
patient where facilitation leads to improved function.
IBITA 2005

In 1984 the Bobaths founded the International Bobath Instructors Training Association (IBITA 2007), an organisation that maintains the standards of teaching and developments of the Bobath Concept worldwide.
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